American Airlines Lost And Found [Updates, 2023]

Complete information on American Airlines Lost and Found. We have included all details about lost baggage, delayed baggage weight and the updated policies.

American airlines are well-known for its airport, excellent onboard services, and customer support policies. Many of you must have, at some point in time, lost your items or baggage while traveling on airplanes.

We mostly face difficulty in such situations because we usually are unaware of the policies related to the same. So, let’s know more about the lost and found policies of American Airlines and other relevant information.

American airlines lost baggage


Losing your things may very well be your greatest bad dream while traveling. Finding that your stuff is lost or didn’t show up with you raises a frightful sensation inside you. Along these lines, how about we look at certain steps that should be taken immediately, assuming you have lost your things in the course of flying?

The first and foremost thing to do is to file a report in the American Airlines Lost And Found section. You can file your report using the instructions provided on the official webpage. You may likewise converse with their security faculty regarding this issue, and he will direct you to the appropriate office.

At the lost and found department, they’ll guarantee to look for the lost tuff for up to a month. American Airlines Lost And Found will update you about its delivery status regularly via email if they find your stuff.

American airlines delayed baggage


American Airlines Lost And Found office is the answer for deferred luggage also. You should converse with any air terminal staff if there is any deferral. Look for their assistance in getting a 13-character reference code that will come in handy while documenting your report at the L&F office. You may likewise track your luggage status with the assistance of this code.

In case of deferral by 5+ days, the department could require additional data to assist you in delivering your property safely to you. Hence, to begin, they’ll ask you to fill up a Passenger Property Questionnaire. You will require your 13-digit code to complete this form. You may also complete this questionnaire online by visiting the official American airlines baggage claim page.

You need to press the option ‘Delayed bag expenses’ and complete the rest of your form, including your credentials. The Central Luggage Resolution Center shall try its best to identify your luggage. However, if they fail to do so, they shall conclude by their “Conditions of carriage” policies. 

American Airlines baggage weight


Since you have gained some essential data concerning American Airlines Lost And Found, we should discuss the luggage weight and its aspects. Their dimensions and weight determine the number of free-handled bags permitted in the airlines, the location you’re flying to and the cabin class.

The luggage weight and dimensions are fixed depending upon the class and destination. Indeed, even the charges for extra stuff differ concerning the location and the number of bags you have in extra. Now, let’s learn some rules about baggage weight laid down by the Airlines.

  • Number of bags allowed for domestic, transatlantic or transpacific = 10
  • Number of bags allowed Mexico, Caribbean, Central America, or South America (to/from/via) = 5
  • Maximum luggage dimension = 62 inches
  • Maximum luggage weight (economy class) = 23 kg
  • Maximum luggage weight (first/business class) = 32 kg

American Airlines baggage policy

American Airlines have policies under the following sections:

  • Checked bags: This section will tell you about the checked luggage policies, including fees, maximum weight and dimension of the luggage.
  • Carry-on bags: This section will tell you what you can pack in your carry-on baggage.
  • Restricted items: This section will tell you about all those items that TSA prohibits taking on the flight.
  • Special items and sports equipment: This section will tell you about the rules and policies related to special items such as musical instruments.
  • Traveling with pets: If you are a pet dad/mom, you must go through this section. This section will tell you everything about how to travel with a pet, what all pets are allowed, or if any vaccination is mandatory.
  • Traveling with children: This section is specifically for all parents. It will guide you on how to travel with an infant or toddler. What facilities do they provide you, and how can your experience be smoother with a child?

American Airlines Lost And Found Reviews


The customer reviews we found are quite mixed and diversified. Some of the flyers have given it 5 stars. At the same time, some have rated it 1 to 2 stars. Many say their experience with AA’s lost and found department was quite good. But some are extremely upset regarding their luggage recovery and shipment charges.

Although AA is highly appreciated by its flyers, its lost, and found section has received negative comments like it doesn’t care about your stuff. However, most reviews were regarding the overall flying experience. So, we couldn’t gather factual information concerning the L&F service of AA.


Assuming that you have lost your bags and stuff, your initial step is to check with specialists at the air terminal to check whether they can promptly recover it. You can file a report if the airport personnel fail to track or recover your luggage. American Airlines will then try locating your luggage continuously for a month.

Once found, you can also check its delivery status. However, you have to deposit payment for the shipment of your luggage. We hope the article – American Airlines Lost And Found helpful.

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