Daily Discount Offer


In our constant effort to provide our esteemed customers, we are offering a daily discount offer. It’s an initiative by KRVP taxi services to offer better and more affordable. But what’s inside this package? Let’s discuss this in detail below.

About Daily Discount Offer

Whatever package we introduce, all are for the welfare of the customer. To provide something unique, we initiated this product where one can get discounts and offers daily. We run these special offers based on days in a week.


The offer may include up to a 40% discount, a free one-way ride, and many other benefits. If you are our membership card holder, this package is especially for you, but how? Let’s know in detail below:

Package will be liable to both membership/non-membership cardholders:

Membership customers

For our privileged customer, it’s an addon benefit, but a maximum 20% discount is allowed at a time. For example, 20% discount as a cardholder + 20% as a daily discount offer. This offer is available for all types of vehicles, and the cancellation charge will be 20% for both membership/non-membership card holders.

Non-membership customers

It’s not that those who are not our privileged customers will not get any further discount. They can enjoy a discount benefit of up to 40%. Also, there are no cancellation charges for them. But it must be noticed that for the daily discount offer they have to take at least a weekly package.

Exclusion (For all customers)

  • No free cancellation
  • Once booked vehicle will not be changed if not intimated before 24 hours
  • 10% extra charges for vehicle upgradation without prior notice

Benefits of daily discounts


During our market research, we came up with several cooperative data showing that most customers use public transport because it is best for their pocket. However, it can’t be denied that those who do daily up-down from home to office face several difficulties in public transport like arrival time, delays, and daily hassle.

But what if you don’t have to face such a daily situation? You don’t have to pay much because all these are available at an affordable cost and equal to your MST card. For more such packages, you can check out our other blogs or call us on the given number; we provide 24×7 customer support. 


You can also enjoy the daily discount offer on pick & drop international airport service. As we already elaborate on the benefits of pick and drop services and it’s the best package available on the market today. Due to this service, many of our customers have already benefited. They appreciated our effort to provide quality services and affordable packages.

One of them said that due to the pick & drop service, they not only saved time but also skipped the long waiting list of train and domestic flight spends. There are many such stories from the customers. So, why wait? Call now or mail us for more information and book your service.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if the membership card lapses at the time of booking?

You can renew it by paying minimal extra charges only.

Is the daily discount offer avail for non-membership card customers?


Yes, also you can get up to 40% discount (Only weekly package)

Do I have to pay in advance?

No need to pay in advance for non-membership; we charge only 20% at the time of booking.

Can I share my benefits with my family members?

Yes, but only for membership customers.

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