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The best online streaming app,, is here; no matter your favorite sport, you can see them Live. But the channel is now updated with a new name; what are the details find it now?

There are multiple websites available over the internet with the same name; most users are confused about which to use. But do not worry because we will provide you with all the information in this article and also let you know how you can watch it.



Before going live with the channel, we want to inform you is the now the website is redirecting to another platform name which is also a safe platform to watch your favorite sports Live that includes:

  • MLB
  • NBA
  • NHL
  • NFL
  • CFB

It is not limited to Live sports but also live News, sports news, events, sports talk shows, and podcasts. The website is mainly created for sports lovers; you can stream other American sports like Boxing, Golf, Tennis, Formula1 & Cricket. However, there is some confusion among users that it is legal to watch and stream via such applications. So, to clear your view, we have discussed this in detail below. Please continue reading.

How to watch live streams?

Follow the below-given steps:

  • Visit the website, which will redirect you to both are the same site.
  • You will find the sign-up/register option in the top right corner.
  • Fill up the details like mail id, passwords, and name (Always use alternate mail id or disposal id)
  • Then you will direct to the home page
  • Now it’s done, you can select the event directly from the dropdown list to watch and stream.

Risk of Using Such Platforms 


As mentioned above, several websites like offer live streaming of sports, News, Live Tv, and films, but in reality, no such laws define the legality of free use. But logically, if we read the terms and conditions of any network/channel, they clearly state that reproducing content or inappropriate use of their copyrighted content is not allowed.

Furthermore, the live match broadcast rights and legal terms are always dedicated to specific media networks or channels. So, in that case, the use of such benefits is not appropriate, but on the other hand, till now there are no such problems have been traced.


However, we want to clarify that due to the flood of such applications or websites, there is a high chance that any virus may find your systems vulnerable and steal your systems data. Many websites include malware that a regular user can’t identify, so always be safe and never visit unknown websites.

Example: Most developers use tricky methods like mirroring websites to drag traffic. In this method, they duplicate the original websites to confuse the visitors and trap them in their net. So, always choose wisely before proceeding.

Can using VPN be the solution?


Virtual Provider Network or VPN is mainly used to jump the internet protocol (IP address) so that you can mask your live location. It is the best way to save yourself from hacking, spamming, or hiding personal details. But there are also some other aspects where most users use it in gaming and watching web series and live shows.

In the above paragraphs, we informed you how unknown sourced websites/applications could harm you, so to avoid that, you can use VPN. But in most countries, even using an alternate method to route the same constrained platform may also get you in legal trouble.


Hence, we can say that we could not find any cons in using from the users. But still, we want to clarify that we never endorse any platform that disrupts rules or guidelines.

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