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Know all about Per the website, they are one of the legit sources to get unmetered Robux. But is it a safe platform or yet another hoax to mislead Roblox users? Let’s find out.

Gamers worldwide are looking for several websites and legal ways to get free Robux. It is more trending in the United States. We all know that we can make our lifestyle luxurious with enough money and get whatever we want. Simultaneously, in the gaming world as well. We can win games easily by getting enough characters, accessories, and other items.

For a gamer of Roblox, it is essential to have enough Robux to show their gaming skills on the platform. 



It is a Roblox online generator site that provides free Robux by doing simple and easy tasks for gamers. There are many surveys and simple step-by-step guides to avail of the free Robux. Although, when we opened, we were accompanied by a third-party website called

It is a third-party linked website claiming they provide free Robux by completing surveys, playing games, referring to a friend, downloading an application, and so on. You can acquire FREE R$ from this website by finishing surveys, partaking in giveaways, and referring to companions!

The insight of the website:

  • When you open this site, you will find many options to get Robux. 
  • Apart from that, you must enter your genuine Roblox username, and your name will be displayed in the top right corner.
  • You will find the amount of Robux you earned just after your username.
  • When you click on the three vertical lines on the top left corner, you will find a home, earn, withdraw, referrals, promo codes, profile, and logout options. 

Home: When you click on a home, there are two options for earning the Robux, EASY AND FAST. If you opt for an easy choice, there are various tasks to do, and you get free Robux. When you click on fast, you will find lots of surveys. It is up to you what you choose.

Earn: Earn, and the home options will direct you to the same page.

Withdraw: after clicking on the withdrawing option, you can directly claim your earned Robux into your Roblox account. Be it 1 Robux or 100 Robux, and you can easily withdraw.

Referrals: You can also refer to a friend through their share link. You have to copy the link and send it to your friends. When your friends use your referral, you will get free Robux.

Promo codes: If you have any promo codes, you can enter them into the required option and redeem your gift by clicking the save option.

Profile: It shows how much earnings have been made so far. And also the number of tasks completed.

Logout: After getting enough Robux, you can log out from the website.

How to utilize Stagbux com For free Robux?

After we did a quest for the whereabouts of Stagbux com free Robux, we could not track it down. Nonetheless, after being gotten to, the webpage is diverted to the rbxpurple com site:

  • First, initiate the web information on the gadget you are utilizing.
  • Then, at that point, visit the Stagbux site, which will redirect you to
  • Type in the Roblox account username that you are utilizing.
  • Click the Get R$ button to get everything rolling and enter the dashboard.
  • Complete a portion of the undertakings given well after you enter the dashboard.
  • If you figure out how to finish the given responsibility accurately, you can get rewards that you can recover with free Robux.

Is a legitimate website?


Indeed, we dug the entire web to proclaim our fair decision. It is a nonsupported article, so anything we inform is founded on our theory.

It is a misleading /suspicious website. We want elaborate on our verdict by highlighting a few points:

  • First, we have seen a critically low trust score from a reliable source. With so few scores, it is indeed a suspicious site to trust.
  • We have found many negative views from customers.
  • A low social media presence indicates a suspicious website.

We are pretty sure your doubts are clear now. We have fetched the data from deep research and reliable sources so that you can trust it.

Personal experience


When we opened the website, it led us to another website. We couldn’t find; instead, there was opened. Although, it says that it provides free Robux by following simple tasks and completing them. But it is a piece of wrong information. We have opened some other websites and have been led to another.

We couldn’t get Robux from doing any simple tasks. Most Roblox online generator sites are fake, and we could also find it fishy:

  • We have completed a few surveys and got no Robux.
  • Even downloaded an application.
  • Referred to a friend
  • Used a fake Roblox username, but still, it accepted it.
  • Found no promo codes.
  • It clearly states that it is not endorsed by Roblox corporation.

We put some random name as a username, which never got registered on Roblox. It accepted it. Well, this is the first indication of its fakeness. You can try your luck; we couldn’t fetch any Robux by now.

Users Feedback


It is clear that when we couldn’t fetch anything from this site and have been misled, many other players must have been misguided as well. 

Some customers can get the Robux, but from our experience, we couldn’t fetch any of them. Very few reviews are available, so we cannot provide specific customer reviews. Hence, we have done our research.

Although few reviews state that it is a legit tool, you can try your luck. It does not cost any penny, and one can give it a try. 


Indeed, we dug the entire web to pronounce our decision. It is, to be sure, a nonsupported article, so anything we pronounce is founded on our theory. With our precise information, is a misleading website for sure. If you are willing to try it, you can try your luck.

Frequently asked questions 

How to start?

Use your Roblox username and enter, and you’re good to go.

Does the site work?

It depends on how lucky you can get. Some got a few Robux, while some couldn’t. But you can try.

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