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Cpaxpro com is a Robux provider platform that allows you to connect with all those platforms currently offering Robux for nothing. Multiple brands, such as Amazon, Google Play Stores, and PayPal, offer a way to get Robux.

In this article, we will see how it works and the outcome. We have tested to determine the difference between this one and the other Robux generator sites.

What is


It is a website that was started in 2021 and has received 3.7 stars on Trustpilot. It has gathered all platforms offering free Robux, but to get it, you have to complete a few surveys, accomplish certain levels on random games, or rate some apps. The whole process takes 5 minutes to complete, and then you can withdraw the rewards.

They have their own social media channels, such as Discord, YouTube, and Instagram, for more information and updates. According to the information on this website, they have distributed Robux, gaming vouchers, and gift cards to more than 200k users.

Site details

Launched on2023-01-08
Domain expires on2025-01-08
Last updated2024-01-05
Social media  Discord P22YbKUG7E Instagram @soloblox YouTube Solobox, 71.4k subscriber, 66 videos
Mail IdContact(at)
Business inquiresMarketing(at)

What are the benefits and limitations?

Provide unmetered RobuxIt is not officially related to Roblox
Withdraw the rewards, and prizes multiple timesFew negative comments are found
Get daily updates and giveawaysWithdraw the rewards, and prizes for multiple times
Visit social media platforms for more informationProvide unused Google mail id for sign-in
For any issues you can mail them 
The prize may vary and not sure 
Choose and participate in multiple brands for various prize 
Easy to navigate and supports all operating system 

How to withdraw the rewards, Robux, and gift cards?


The process is done in 4 simple steps which are:

  • Visit the website; it supports all operating system
  • You will see a button “Start…….” Click on it and proceed
  • In the next step, you will be asked to complete the sign-in process; users can use their Gmail, also
  • Now, a new tab will unlock and give you multiple offers like surveys, hot offers, giveaways, etc. Pick any of those offers and proceed.
  • Suppose you have chosen the Roblox offer, then click on it and complete the given tasks or surveys. Each task includes certain coins; after collecting a certain number of coins, you can unlock the gift cards and withdraw them.

Note: Users must complete the different tasks to collect coins to get the rewards. The collected number of coins can be seen at the top right.

What are the user experience and comments?


As per the comments, many players thanked them for inventing such a good platform for players. Few visitors wrote that they successfully withdrew the rewards and created a new Avatar. 


  • Cpaxpro com has many feedbacks available on different social media platforms; they have more than 71k subscribers on YouTube. You can easily find the latest videos and feedback in the comments section. 
  • They have more than 60 videos related to Robux and other games, which provide the latest information on redeeming Roblox codes, gift cards, and more.


To provide daily updates, they have a Discord channel that has over 500 members, and many new players have already joined it. 



In Trustpilot, Cpaxpro has one comment that has received 3.7/5 star ratings. 

Is the website safe to use?

There are different parameters to check whether a website is genuine to visit and navigate or not. For that, few user comments were found, and most of them were positive. The details of the website, like the mail ID, YouTube videos, and Discord channels, are found engaging, but the ratings on Trustpilot seem fishy.

So, after noting all the points and facts, we can say that users can try this site, but they don’t need to get the rewards each time. Always remember not to share any personal details. For sign-in, you can use a dummy email ID. By the way, do share your experience also for a wider perspective on this platform.

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