Powell and Sons Complaints | January 2023

Powell and Sons Complaints

The article contains data regarding Powell and Sons Complaints. The company has poor ratings because of the ill services meted out to its customers. 

Powell and Sons have been ranked 104th among contractors’ sites. Follow this article to learn more about the company. The critical reviews shared by experienced customers have also been discussed in this article. 

What are Powell and Sons?

Powell and sons is a multitasking company offering its customer’s various services, including local ones. The company offers services of construction, winery, and tree. The company was formed in the recent past, 2017, and had been expanding since then.  

After the number of Powell and Sons Complaints, people have grown suspicious of the company’s legitimacy, and it has gained distrust of its customers.


  • Contact Details
  • Contact Number: +61(0)885244465
  • Address: PO Box 228, Lyndoch 5351, South Australia
  • Email: info@powellandsons.com
  • Customers need to pay online for orders, and bookings of services can be made with both online and offline payments.
  • The payments can be made with credit cards, debit cards, MasterCard, etc.

Services Offered:

  • Winery: As mentioned above, the company acts as a multitasker by providing different services. It has a decent range of wines, such as Powell and Sons Steinert Flaxman Shiraz, Powell and Sons Eden Valley Shiraz, Powell and Sons Kleinig Greenock Mataro, etc. Vineyard sites from over the Barossa and Eden Valleys are a few of the sources of Powell and Sons wines.
  • Tree: This service by the company helps people to plant trees and shift trees from places where they are not needed or are causing hindrances.
  • Construction: Construction is another area of expertise for Powell and Sons. They are collaborating in this effort with BBB. You can refer to its official website to gather more information.


  • Provided more than one service.
  • Its website is informative regarding contact details.


  • The services provided are poor.
  • Social media pages are not updated regularly.
  • Because of Powell and Sons Complaints, it has low ratings and is not reliable.
  • Important information is not available on the site.

Are Powell and Sons worthy for users?

After researching, we have concluded that the company isn’t reliable. According to the source and Powell and Sons Complaints, the company takes people’s information who are looking for home services and relay them to other companies such as HomeAdvisor.

The company can be termed legit as it is a government-registered company, and also HTTPS and SSL certificates have been found on the website. Also, they have got good followers on their social media handles. But on the other hand, Power and Sons Complaints concerning its poor services have shown that the company is bogus.

According to our research and findings, it’s not worth people’s money and time. We would suggest you research from your side to better understand the company and services.

What are the Powell and Sons Complaints by the customers?

Customers had complained that when they requested local services through the website, they got an auto-reply that to contact other companies to help solve their issue and they cannot help.

The site and the company are dishonest as it forwards the services required to some other company. It has been remarked as a bogus website by the customers.

They do not respond to customers’ queries, and the website is full of multiple ads irritating users.

Users have suggested contacting legitimate companies such as Angi Leads or other local services.


As per Powell and Sons complaints, customers have compelled people to ignore its legitimacy. When people look forward to any service, they are very concerned about the quality of services they are paying for. The company needs to work on its customer service to gain customers’ trust. It needs to work on its website to prevent problems faced by the users.

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