Textbroker Legit | Positive & Negative Reviews? [May 2023]


Are you conflicted by the question, “Is Textbroker Legit?” Close read this article to find the answers to your questions. Our review of the same has tried to be as particular as possible in bringing out all the essential aspects of the source. 

Before we venture into it, we must first shed light on what the site offers. It is primarily a platform for content writers to earn money by writing for different sources. It is a platform for content writers as well as those who are in search of good content. 

About Textbroker


The question is whether Textbroker legit demands bringing the site’s features under the scope. As mentioned above, the website is a platform where institutions or companies can find well-equipped and talented US-based authors or writers to provide them with original and superior-quality content. 

The website contains different categories, such as articles with well-researched content and content written in foreign languages. Under this, they offer companies options to choose the type of article they need and accordingly outsource it to reliable content writers who have been associated with the service. These writers get their payments based on the quality of their writings and the rating they receive.



  • Purpose: Content Writing
  • Eighty thousand customers all over the globe.
  • Free signup available
  • More than 100,000 writers are associated with the platform.
  • Services available: Self-service; Managed-service; Translation Service
  • Article category: Basic; In-depth; Foreign Languages
  • Writer Employment available
  • Payment for writer per rating: Open order: Three stars-1.1 cents per word, Four stars-1.6 cents per word, Give stars- 5.5 cents per word. Direct order– 2.2 cents per word min. Team Order: 2.15 cents per word min. 
  • Contact details: (702) 534-3832; 
  • E-mail ID: clients(AT)textbroker(DOT)com; authors(AT)textbroker(DOT)com
  • Fax: (855) 932-8398
  • Address: 8076 West Sahara Avenue, 2nd Floor, Las Vegas, Nevada 89117, United States of America
  • Social media: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook


  • Textbroker offers companies looking for highly original and good content to find it.
  • It also offers a platform for content writers to exhibit their talent and get paid for it.
  • All kinds of writing, such as primary or even unique articles, can be framed with the help of the site.
  • Companies can profit by hiring them as the writers charge a reasonable amount beyond the budget.
  • One can get a few customized articles or outsource the project to this site.
  • It has given writers easy access to apply for a content writing job on their platform, which further answers the question is Textbroker legit.


  • Even though it has offered the quality of articles that the site can deliver, they have yet to mention which area they would most be suitable for.
  • The amount it has assigned for each word as Payne to the writers is much less.
  • The site has specified a basic amount per which the writers shall be paid, no matter the quality of their writing. 
  • There are no client testimonials available on the site, which can act against a source primarily dependent on the quality of their work. It raises queries such as, is Textbroker legit?

What are the clients and writers saying about Textbroker?

Even though the site does not contain any customer or client testimonials on its main page, there are various other platforms from where they can be gathered. The platform is available on three major social media sites wherein they have provided open access to their clients or writers working under them.


Users have also dropped their comments on these pages, which further answers the question, is Textbroker legit?

Positive feedback received from users:

  • Many users have expressed an interest in the applications for authors and article categories.
  • Some users have shared their experience working under Textbroker and stated that it is a good experience and pays adequately if you perform well.
  • Some have even termed it a good way to earn experience and a few bucks, as it can be an easy and simple part-time job.
  • It can even serve as leverage to earn experience and try out content writing jobs at well-established firms.

Negative feedback from clients and writers:

  • Most writers have shown discontent with the amount paid for the content they provide.
  • Some have even mentioned that it could be a more reliable source of income and can be treated as a part-time job.
  • There are high chances of a writer getting demoted, as it occurs quite often on the platform.

Is Textbroker legit?

Given the nature of the site and our inquiry into the various available platforms, and considering the client feedback and writer feedback on their experience working there, it is a legitimate website. However, there are some areas in which it needs to improve. 


Nonetheless, the website can be trusted to deliver what it promises. But companies must treat their writers well if the site wants to provide the highest level of original content, which companies need. 


Thus, Textbroker is a well-known online content writing agency and has hired more than ten thousand writers to provide original and high-quality content. Companies can either get their customized writings or outsource their assignments to these services. The various feedbacks received have further answered the question is Textbroker legit. We hope to have clarified your doubts. Please drop your remarks in the comments section below.

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