Is Pixeldrain Safe Or Not? Check Out Users Feedback [2024]


Does the question haunt you, “is Pixeldrain safe” too? If so, we would like you to go through our review of the same, which would enlighten you on the topic. We have gathered all the relevant information that can play a role in helping you decide whether it is the appropriate platform for you or not.

But before that, we need to check what the site is all about. It is primarily a source responsible for sharing files or documents conveniently. Its main aim is to provide the utmost ease and simplicity that its users have never experienced anywhere else.

About Pixeldrain


To answer your question, “is Pixeldrain safe?” we need to know more about it and what it offers. As mentioned above, it is a website designed specifically to facilitate the easy sharing of documents. Users who want to share their files must visit the platform and upload them. It then stores the uploaded materials for over two months. 

Within this time, it allows any user to download those files as all can access them easily. The best part about this source is that users can now immediately go in line, and they have made file sharing and downloading faster than any other source one may have experienced. 

Steps to use the platform:

  • Users first need to select those files that they want to choose for uploading or can drop them on the page itself.
  • They must then wait a few minutes for the file to complete the uploading process on the page.
  • After completing it, users must click on the share option to share it with the servers. 

Free users: 

  1. 20 GB for each file size limit 
  2. File storage date: Within sixty days of the last view
  3. Unlimited storage space
  4. 20 GB target for download and 168 hours download time
  5. It does not allow hotlinking

Pro Users Features:

  1. 50 GB for each file size limit
  2. File storage date: Two hundred and forty days after the last view 
  3. Transfer limit of 2 TB data 
  4. Allows hotlinking
  5. Video streaming accessible 

Other packs available:

  1. Persistence: €8 for every month
  2. Tenacity: €16 for every month
  3. Eternity: €32 for every month
  4. Infinity: €64 for every month


  • Owned by: Fornaxian Technologies 
  • Website:
  • Purpose: File sharing and downloading
  • The upgrade is available at €40 for a year or €4 for a month.
  • Prepaid plans available
  • Different facilities for free users and pro users
  • Payment accepted: SEPA, Bitcoin, PayPal 
  • Apps available: Pixeldrain Android, ShareX, go-Pixeldrain, go-PD, pdup, 
  • Contact details: Not available
  • Address: Not found
  • Email: (content creators),
  • Social Media: Patreon, Reddit, Twitter, Mastodon, GitHub


  • The website offers facilities to speed up the rate of sharing files. 
  • The files uploaded can be accessed by one and all who possess the link for it. 
  • Those users who use it for free can easily share their documents to their servers and store them there for almost two months.
  • Users who want to access the platform for a more extended period or for as long as they want can also opt for the various subscriptions available.
  • It has eliminated the long waiting time users previously suffered while downloading files by speeding up the download rate.
  • It is available on major social media platforms where users can interact and share their queries regarding the site.
  • By subscribing to the Pro and other higher packages, users can watch videos and get more and more data storage space.
  • It is also one of the best platforms available for content creators as it allows them to share their creativity through videos of any quality with their viewers quickly and in much less time. 
  • Users do not have to sit through long advertisements as they do not endorse or entertain such ads.
  • They claim to provide safety and security of the highest level, which makes users feel safe while sharing their information or files, which further answers the question, is Pixeldrain safe?


  • As anyone with the link can access it, users might feel uncomfortable using it.
  • The feature, as mentioned above, puts a limit on the users who would be willing to access it.
  • The pro package, despite being paid for, removes files automatically if not accessed within 60 days of the last view.
  • It only counts those views from a web browser and not any other source.
  • Even though it claims to provide the utmost safety and security, the nature of the website further raises a doubt, “is Pixeldrain safe?”.

What are the users saying about Pixeldrain?


It is available on various social media platforms wherein one can find numerous customer feedbacks which can further endeavor to answer the question, is Pixeldrain safe? The site even asks for support from its users on Patreon, which would help it carry on the journey it has started in the form of this website. However, there have been mixed responses from the users.

Positive remarks:

  1. One user commented that he is thankful for the platform as it is one of the most amazing for file sharing and downloading, he has ever experienced. 
  2. Some have even appreciated the creator (@Fornax69) on Twitter for creating a fantastic platform, encouraging him to keep doing the good work. 
  3. Many have shown an interest in the introduction of new features. 

There have been numerous negative feedbacks from users as well. On the public platform Reddit, many users have shown their dissatisfaction with the site and some of its features. 

Negative remarks:

  1. One user has commented that even though they subscribed to the Pro package, the download speed has remained the same, and it was still prolonged.
  2. Similarly, another user remarked that even though it allows users to download 20 GB of free files, it expired only after downloading 2 GB. 
  3. Some users have commented that the files are not getting downloaded at all. 

Is Pixeldrain safe or legit?


After a close study of the site and considering our own experience, we can say with some clarity that it is a legitimate website. Nothing is questionable about it as it follows a simple file-sharing and downloading system. Various other reasons support our conclusion and have been stated below:

  • It has received positive feedback from those who have used it already.
  • It is free for all to try for themselves and reach a decision.
  • Users can contact the site or ask for help through social media handles and email addresses.
  • The site has garnered more than one thousand followers on Patreon.
  • The website creator also interacts with the users on Reddit quite promptly and actively.

Therefore, one must check the website and get rid of all the doubts they have in mind.



Hence, it is used to upload certain materials that a user might want to share with others. Those with access to the link can visit the platform and download it faster than any other file-sharing source. It has been used by thousands of users from all around the globe.

We hope our review of the site helped you find the answer to the question, “is Pixeldrain safe?” If so, please drop your comments in the comments section below.

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