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The is a one-stop to the unlimited fun of watching your favorite sports. There are many such platforms, but this is a bit different. What are its latest features, and how to use this website to watch live streams? We will let you know in this article.

By the way, you can also refer to several similar-name sites, but it is possible that most of them may not be working. But you do not need to worry because we will inform you in detail.



It is a platform that allows its fans to enjoy live telecasts of their favorite sports. You can watch all types of games and sports like: 

RugbyMoto GPHockey

This website also allows users to explore more via a premium package to which the customer has to subscribe. In this, you will be provided a separate link, which is buffer-free and congestion-free. For more information, you can also follow up by visiting the site.

You can also get live updates, scores, predictions, sports debates and discussions, and News, or join their community to get it all for free. Currently, there any several such websites that you can visit:

  • Streameast to
  • Streameast is
  • Streameast xyz
  • Streameast ic
  • Streameast app

We all know that performing actions like streaming services needs lots of hard work, and due to this reason times the website becomes not reachable. To avoid such issues, you can use other sites; if you are again facing such a problem, you can download the Streameast application, which is available on iOS and Android.

For uninterrupted service developers launched an All-in-one live stream platform which is now also available on many social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Amazon live, twitch, YouTube, and more.


  • Created on: Sep 17th, 2021
  • Last edited on: Sep 20th, 2022


  • No cable connection required
  • Easy to operate, simple navigation
  • It can be operated on any smart device including a TV
  • Live updates, News, and feeds
  • Enjoy 20+ sports


  • Apart from the site, all others are not working
  • No contact information is available
  • Absence of user reviews

How to watch live sports?


Follow the below steps:

  • After visiting the website, creating a profile, you will find multiple sports, click any, and proceed.
  • Then, as per the date, you will find related News and updates, and if there is any live event going on, you will see a link.
  • Click that, and you will find multiple servers, choose which is working, and that’s it.
  • Remember that you can also visit the “Live Games” option on the homepage, which will redirect to the page. The link will appear 60 minutes before the event starts.

What are the user reviews?

During our research, we found no reviews or feedback, but from our earlier published articles, we have some user feedback who asked for the live link or commented that the website is not working. Apart from that, many reference articles are available with zero viewer response.

Is the website safe?

There are several ways to identify whether this platform is safe or not. During our analysis, we found several pieces of information regarding it. For many reasons, the site is not working/active, but we found Streameast(dot)app is the only site from Streameast that is still accessible and working correctly.


In this way, the channel is safe, but not sure why the actual site is not working. However, they have given the other site option, i.e., the Streameast(dot)app.


Thus, in the closing session, you can visit the site and try your luck to find the working live streams. All other details and information are given in the above segment. 

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