Is Dhgate Legit | Read User Feedbacks (May 2023)


Is dhgate legit? Read the user reviews, we have provided you with all the basic and truthful information to help you decide for yourself. It gives you a glimpse into the characteristic features of the platform and its purpose.


Dhgate is a shopping website that offers various products, from electronic appliances to home care and fashion. It gives customers a chance to get everything they want to go through daily in a single place.


If you are one of those who favor shopping without having to go out, then is the place for you. It offers fashion products, home care, decor, electronic appliances, sports, accessories, and more. This site also gives them a chance to explore different varieties of each product and allows them to explore different tastes as well.


Whether you are looking for affordable or expensive products, you can find them here. This site also offers various trustworthy brands already established a name for themselves. This platform is also available in the form of an app which further answers the question, is dhgate legit?


  • Founded in the year 2004
  • Founder: Diane Wang
  • Website:
  • Partnership: American Express, Visa, UPS, DHL, MasterCard, FedEx
  • Purpose: E-commerce platform and service provider for MSMEs businesses
  • Products: electronics, sports, health and wellness, home decoration, kids’ toys, fashion, and more.
  • Account membership available 
  • $35 given to first-time users
  • Coupons available currently: Rs.85 off; Rs.170 off, Rs 255/- off; Rs 596/- off; Rs 1363/- off
  • Discounts: Upto 50% discount available
  • Sellers: 2.4 million sellers globally
  • Customers: 2.4 billion customers globally
  • Thirteen different languages are used.
  • Number of products: Over thirty-six million
  • Contact details: +90 212 296 4569 (For US sellers)
  • Timing: 9 AM to 6 PM (Monday to Friday) Turkey Time
  • Email ID:; – 9 AM to 6 PM (Monday to Friday)
  • Online chat- 24*7 available
  • Customer Service chat- Facebook page
  • Address: China
  • Social media pages: YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook 


  • Users can either visit the official site or can download the app.
  • They can avail of different profitable coupons and discounts on both mediums.
  • There are specific discounts available for first-time users as well.
  • Consumers can find a wide range of products here.
  • The cost of the product ranges from high to low, providing all with the kind of product they want. 
  • It has given a platform for buyers and sellers looking for a place to sell and reach out to thousands of customers.
  • One can find all the answers to their queries in the customer service section as each is given there in an organized manner. 
  • Customers can easily reach out to the website with their queries and concerns through the available mediums or interact with them on their social media handles.
  • It caters to consumers all over the globe.
  • It makes use of different languages, which has facilitated smooth functioning and interaction with customers all around the globe.
  • It also offers customers to give their feedback and contains user testimonials on its main page which further clears the doubt is dhgate legit.
  • They keep the seller’s motives and behavior in check to prevent any misconduct with the buyer.
  • They have systems in place to check the quality of each product offered to the users.
  • All the information each customer provides is kept with utmost safety and security. 


  • The customer service contact details provided are for sellers based in the United States only, which restricts its claim of being an international platform.
  • They have yet to provide any specific or standard shipping and processing period, which keeps the users in doubt and raises particular questions such as, is dhgate legit?
  • The shipping charges depend on the mode of shipment, and no standard charges are applied, which keeps the customer ignorant. 

What do the customers have to say about


There have been numerous positive feedbacks about the website. If a user visits their about section, they can find a comment from their most trusted customer, who says that this platform has made their shopping experience quite simple. It has also provided them with great incentives that have motivated them to keep in touch with the site. Apart from that, it has received several other feedbacks on different platforms, which can help you find the answer to the question, is dhgate legit? 

Positive feedbacks:

  • A customer remarked that the site works just fine and delivered their products without hassle.
  • Several other customers have shown their contentment with the quality and beauty of some of the fashion accessories available at the store.
  • Another user commented that many of the furniture items on the website are functional and space-saving.
  • Some have appreciated the wide range of products available for home decoration.
  • Many users have filled the social media pages with emoticons of hearts to show their satisfaction with the products showcased.
  • Another customer has posted a video content showcasing their purchase from dhgate and has mentioned that the product works even though it takes time to get delivered. 

Negative feedback:

  • One user commented that even though he lives the product, the need for different language options has made buying difficult.
  • A few customers have stated to have faced issues with the return and refund policy of the store.
  • A few more have shown discontentment with the amount of time it takes to deliver a product.
  • Some comments have termed the site as fake or a scam. 

Is dhgate legit?

To determine the legitimacy of a platform, there are specific facts that need to be taken into consideration. The factors that can help us decide that it is legit were based on thorough research and our own experience with the site. These factors are as follows:

  • It is a product of a well-established company in China. 
  • It has provided all the contact details to help users get in touch with the site.
  • Consumers can even get in touch with sellers directly.
  • It is available on almost all major Social Media platforms.
  • Their account is verified on Instagram, Facebook, and others.
  • They communicate or interact with the customers and help them with their queries through their social media handles. 
  • It is also available in the form of an app and is used by millions of customers all over the globe.

We suggest our readers check it out for themselves if they want to.


The question is dhgate legit; it has been answered in this article with enough material to support its authenticity. It is an e-commerce platform that has given a dedicated buying space for consumers and a selling source for businesses. We hope we can cater to your demands and await your feedback in the comments below. 

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