Religious Tour of Chhattisgarh


We are happy to introduce yet another exciting package for our customers: the “Religious Tour of Chhattisgarh.” You will get limited facilities in most packages, but here you will get extra. Also, if you are our premium membership owner, then not only this but other packages will be like icing on the cake.

This package is for all who want to travel to all the primary pilgrimage places of the Chhattisgarh state. The tour will include food, lodging, activities, temple visits, and lots of fun. For this tour, we have hand picked 5 prominent religious places or temples of the state, which are:

  • Kaushalya Mata Mandir
  • Maa Bambleshwari Temple
  • Ratanpur Mahamaya
  • Shabrinarayan Mandir
  • Narayanpal Temple

Kaushalya Mata Mandir, Raipur


The journey will begin from Raipur, so all the travellers must reach Raipur; those from outstation can reach the city one day before the tour. All the facilities will be provided from our side only. And those who are living within Raipur can join us at the moment the journey begins.

As stated, the journey will begin from our office, and the journey will begin at 7 am sharp. The destination will be the famous Kaushalya Mata Mandir which the state government will construct in 2020. The place has exceptional religious value because it is the only temple of the mother of God, Rama. Here, you will find a 50 feet giant structure of God Rama.


Inside the temple premises, multiple lakes have been constructed; after giving visiting the temple, you can admire the tableau and models of Raja Dashrath’s darbar where God Rama, Laxman, Bharath and Shatrughan enjoying their childhood.

Maa Bambleshwari Temple

Our next destination will be Bastar, Dantewada, where we will visit the Bambleswari temple, one of the oldest temples constructed in 11 AD by the Nagvansh dynasty. The distance from Raipur to Bastar is around 450 km, and we will do an early morning check-out from Raipur to reach the destination by the end of the day.

No doubt the temple is one of the fine examples of art but hang on because the road trip is so mesmerising that you will get lost in the beauty of mountains, fog and greenery. We will reach the by 8-9 pm to the destination; after check-in, you will have dinner, and our journey will continue to the following day.


We will start the day tour at 6 am; after breakfast, we will visit the temple; darshan will take 20-30 minutes. Then the rest of the day will be free for a city tour. You can visit Akash Nagar, also famous as the Switzerland of Chhattisgarh.

Narayanpal Temple 

We are moving towards our next destination, Narayanpal temple, which is also one of the oldest and most famous temples in Bastar. It is believed that God fulfils the wish of their devotees if they pay their visit with a pure mind. The Munmuna Devi, a Nagvansh queen in the 11th Century AD, built the temple.


The temple is located in the beautiful full sight of Bastar; the temple is mainly dedicated to God Vishnu. Remember we will have a 2-day tour of Bastar and the next day we will move to our last destination.

Ratanpur Mahamaya Mandir

The next day we will proceed towards Bilaspur, the last destination of the tour and one of the oldest temples of Chhattisgarh, also known as Mahamaya temple. It is the only temple of Goddess Parvati located at ground level. The temple is at 25 km distance from Bilaspur city. After visiting the temple, you can also have some fun at Khutaghat, a stop dam constructed 2km ahead of Ratanpur.

Have lunch, or you can spend quality time with friends and family, then we will reach the hotel. The rest of the day will be free for city exploration. The next day will be the returning day where our tour will end, and we expect it will remain in your memory as one of the most beautiful journeys of life.

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