Enjoy the Wildlife tour of Chhattisgarh


In our constant effort to drive the latest packages and products, we are happy to announce our “Wildlife Package Tour”, which includes stays, food, and a tour. It’s a unique concept that we, the KRVP taxi services, offer, and it is specially designed for family and group tours. 

We have also tailored each package as per the requirement; however, the customers are open to modifying it as per their needs. The tour complies tour of the National parks, Zoo, mini-zoo and nearby picnic spots. Customers are free to choose the cab type. The bonus benefit is that our membership cardholder can also use their membership card for an extra discount.

So, let’s describe the whole tour, packages and places to visit included in the package:

Nandanvan Zoo, Raipur


The tour will start from Raipur, which is the capital of C.G; there are several tourist spots available in Raipur where one can spend quality time with their friends and family. Apart from those from Raipur, others will check in at outstays. 

The journey will start the following day when we visit the largest artificial National park in Asia, i.e. Nandanvan zoo. It is one of the major attractions of Raipur and the state, and it was opened in 2016. The Zoo includes Bengal tigers, deer, cheetah, lion, bear and many other creatures. We will reach this place by 7 am. It takes around 45 minutes for a jungle safari with the option of a jeep ride and bus ride. 


After the safari ends, we will move for lunch at Gadh Kaleva, which is widely famous for Chhattisgarhi authentic meals and snacks. One must try the traditional meals of the state; then, we will move towards Purkhoati Mukhtangan, which is 25km away from the central city. It is located in New Raipur. It is a setup arranged over thousands of acres of land where you can admire the tradition, culture, and other customs of Chhattisgarh.

Here you can see the various model house, theatres and tribal cultures that showcase the state’s aura. 

Maitri Bagh Zoo

The next day we will move toward one of the oldest Zoos in the state name Maitri Bagh which means friendly park in English. After having breakfast, we will head on to this Zoo. The entry ticket will be included in the package, and it is one of the best and cleanest Zoos, with several model houses and monuments constructed. You will witness several animals like tigers, Lion, elephants, Crocodiles, Hippopotamus, bird sanctuaries, and other creatures. It is widely spread over 50 sq km, which will take atleast 2 hours by foot. You can also hire a chargeable electric vehicle.


The Zoo is 30 km from the central city, Raipur, so it won’t take much time to reach there. After the zoo tour, our customers are free to explore the nearby markets where they can shop, eat and enjoy on their own.

Kanan Pendari

At 6 am the following day, we will move towards another destination, Bilaspur. It is 120 km from Raipur, which will take around 2 hours to reach. After reaching Bilaspur, our guests will have some refreshments and snacks. Then we will visit the Kanan Pendari Zoo at 11 am; the Zoo is widely spread over many acres of land.


The specialty of this Zoo is that there is a park and playground situated inside Zoo for children. Our guests can also enjoy having a picnic; there are several amphibians, carnivores and herbivores creatures with which you will enjoy interacting. 

After the Kanan tour, we will return to our resort, where you can have a package that includes lunch and rest. During the evening there will be a celebration from our side where everyone is invited to have delicious meals and snacks, dance, sing and perform.

The next day we will head back to Raipur, where our tour ends with sweet and lovable memory.

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