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What if you get an extra discount on the offered price, isn’t it interesting? Today it is essential to be more economical due to the high inflation rate. To give our customers exactly what they want, we launch a membership card discount which means all our membership card owners will get extra benefits, but how? Let’s read further.

About Membership card


In our constant analysis and market research, we noted that those customers who regularly travel, whether in a group or individual, seek such a compliment where they can save their pocket. Due to high fuel prices, it is a bit difficult to do that.


But we are coming up with a solution where they will get discounts, extra perks like anyone can use the card, weekly free rides, and more. This card will be available to all of our users. We have launched this card in three options:

  • Weekly card
  • Monthly card
  • Yearly card

For better understanding we have detailed the benefits in a table:

MembershipFree RidesMembers can TravelFree Ride up to KmDiscounts
Weekly Card1120 km5%
Monthly Card4Up to 4 members20 km/week10%
Yearly Card36Up to 4 members20 km/week15%

*Note: Payment will be done in a single instalment only


We are also rigorously working on our eV segment for better service and economical rides. Our customers will get a ride at a lower cost than petrol/diesel vehicles. At present we have one eV cab which is already providing service. As we get a positive response from the customer side, we will increase our eV fleet.

Other Benefits of Membership card:

  • It will give you freedom from the daily booking and payment process
  • You can also use this card daily up/down from the office, railway station, etc.
  • Safe and secure ride for office-going women or students
  • Female driver is also available in option
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