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In our constant approach to offering excellent service, we have launched a new product which will help those customers who bear all difficulties at the airport. Due to fewer international flights from Chhattisgarh, we have introduced this package.

This will surely help our customers reach the airport on time without hassle. We are also launching other benefits with this, like a group membership card where one can use it to get extra benefits. Below we have detailed all the pick and drop services from nearby international airports in Raipur.

Raja Bhoj International Airport, Bhopal


It makes it very difficult sometimes when we can’t commute frequently. Most of the international airports are either extreme north or south and due to the geographical location, travellers from Chhattisgarh face issues while booking nearby airports.

But now krvp taxi services are offering you direct pick and drop service to one of the major international airports of India, i.e. Raja Bhoj airport. This airport handles more than millions of passengers with tons of departures and landings. If someone is looking for a connecting flight at a low cost to Europe via Dubai or Qatar, then Raja Bhoj International airport is one of the best options.


The total distance from Raipur to Bhopal airport is around 900 km which will take 12 hours to reach without hassle.

Netaji Subhash Chandra International Airport, Kolkata

If you are looking for flights to Europe, the US and other countries, your first nearby preference must be Kolkata airport. Because it offers a maximum number of departures to the EU and American countries. The reason is that Kolkata is one of the major cities of India and is the nearest best international airport from Raipur.

Flights available from NSCI airport:

  • Kolkata to Dubai
  • Kolkata to Qatar
  • Kolkata to Singapore
  • Kolkata to the US via Dubai
  • Kolkata to London via Qatar and more.

Devi Ahilya Bai Holkar International Airport


It is the recent re-inaugurated airport and has been given the status of an international airport. It is the busiest airport in central India and is known to serve several international departures. It is located in Indore, also known as “Chota Bombay”, because of its semi-metro city culture. It is around 800 km from Raipur, well connected with NH, and the airport has all sorts of facilities.

The following air route to international destinations:

  • Indore to Dubai
  • Indore Singapore
  • Indore to Qatar
  • Indore to London
  • Indore to Japan
  • Indore to Sri Lanka, etc.; you can visit their official website for more updates.

Why to choose this package?


As we all know, during an emergency, arranging the commutation by hook or crook is essential. Also, if you are planning for a foreign tour, it becomes difficult to catch a flight direct to the international location in that way, customers choose other cities that bother them.

To solve this issue, we, the Krvp taxi services, offer the best-in-class service where you don’t need to bother from long waiting train or unnecessarily expensive connecting flights because we provide direct pick and drop service to all nearby international airports.

You will be picked up from the location and directly dropped off at the destination; we have many top-end vehicles ready to serve you.

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