Vehicle on rent


It is the unique package which is introduced in the market to date. With this offer, you can take any vehicle like SUV, Cross-over, sedan or any other vehicle on rent at a minimal per day cost. The best part is during the vehicle delivery you will get 2-litre petrol/diesel from our side.

There are several other benefits that you may get in this package; please read below to know more.

About “Vehicle on Rent”


The reason to launch this package is that during our market research we have found such customers who are not capable of having any four-wheeler. But requires it during emergencies like family outings, family emergencies, etc.

We are introducing “Vehicle on rent” to avoid that gap and helplessness. It is way cost you low as you think. There are multiple benefits which we included, which are:

Free tank fill upto 2-litre petrol/diesel 


It is not that we just treat our guests as a customer, but we care for them, and that is why offering a 2-litre tank fill on all vehicles even though the vehicle has prefilled petrol/diesel tank isn’t exciting.

Free maintenance 

No need to worry about the vehicle breakdown or any maintenance because KRVP taxi services will assist you at any cost. We don’t charge extra in the name of maintenance or service fee. Immediate assistance is available in case of any emergency.

Rent now and pay later


For our membership card holder, it’s an added benefit that we don’t deduct the charges at the time of delivery of the vehicle. And our non-membership card customers just need to pay 50% of the charges before delivery of the vehicle.

1-day additional free ride

This is yet another added benefit that our membership card holder customers will get. No matter how many days they booked the rented car, 1-day charges will be auto-deduct. Isn’t it amazing?


The requirement of such packages encourages our customers to dream; we are not here just for business but also to inspire. Several people do not even have a two-wheeler and miss the opportunity to explore the places as per their requirements where such packages fulfil their wishes.

For more info, you can also rely on our 24×7 customer support; by default, we have already provided this feature on all packages.

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