Rbx.place Review | Get Robux, Avatars & ? (May 2023)

Is rbx.place a safe website for Robux generation? We have got you covered with our latest and genuine article. We will review the rbx place and provide our authentic research about the website. We want to assure our readers that the information provided in this article will be unsponsored and will be completely based on our thesis. So let us begin. 

We all know they are big third-party websites offering much about Roblox. But, wondering which is legit and which is a scam is still a question on the mind of the readers. 


Roblox is the biggest gaming portal for all the new gamers and even the pros. It has changed the game’s dynamic after the pandemic hits the world. It is widely played in the United States. Players are going crazy to get A-level skills in their games and are insane over earning lots of Robux. But we all know that Robux is the game currency, and it is only purchased with real money. 

Not all gamers can afford such a cost. Hence, they look out for websites like rbx place to get it at a lower price. Now we will see what rbx place is all about.

About Rbx.place.com

Rbx place is a third-party website that offers Robux and skins and many Roblox accessories at extremely low prices compared to the Roblox store. Yes, you heard it right. It costs half the amount as in Roblox. You can get lots of Robux at half the price. 


You must add your desired item to your cart and pay online. The purchased item will be transferred to your Roblox account in a few steps. Now the main question prevails- Is it safe or legit? Many gamers might think it is a scam and must be afraid to put their earned money on such third-party websites. We will clear these questions below. 


  • The website is very simple to use.
  • Rbx place has many items in stock that might be unavailable at roblox.com.
  • The prices are comparatively lower.


  • Currently, the rbx place isn’t working, and we do not know why.
  • If Roblox found your account’s purchase from a third-party website, you might get blocked forever.

How to get Robux or characters/accessories from rbx place?

  • Go to the website
  • You will be directed to the homepage of the website. 
  • Log in to your roblox credentials.
  • Buy your desired item and add it to the cart option.
  • Click on BUY NOW and link your bank account to Paypal.
  • Enter the amount. 
  • Click ‘Confirm your order.
  • And your desired roblox product will be displayed on your roblox.com account.

Is rbx.place a genuine website?

Now we will answer the most awaited question of the reader’s mind. We have undergone very good research to get the truth of the website. We would now want to declare this site safe to use. But because this platform is now banned and not working, we can say that there is no use of it until it started working.


However, this site allowed users to purchase various Roblox items also, but there is a twist. Roblox.com does not entertain accounts that use third-party websites. If you’re caught using Robux, characters, skins, and accessories from the rbx place, you might get blocked from Roblox for the rest of your life. 

On the other side, the trust score of the portal is positive and good. The website is protected under SSL encryption, and Alexa’s rating is nice. Although, currently, the site isn’t working, before this glitch, we found no scams on this website. Hence, we declare it a legitimate site.

What do the players say about the website?

We have gathered many reviews about the website from several referral articles and platforms. Players suggested that it is a working site and that it does provide Robux at cheaper rates. But as we have mentioned earlier that Roblox.com can suspend your account for using a third-party website.


Many gamers had raised their concerns when their accounts were blocked. These are the only negative comments we have received.

Personal experience:

  • When we tried to open rbx.place, we could not get any data.
  • We used VPN to search the site.
  • After even connecting to several VPNs, we couldn’t find the site. 


The site rbx.place isn’t working right now. We tried a VPN connection for opening the site but failed as many United States VPNs get us to our desired website.

Although the site is legitimate, we still want to warn our readers to try some legitimate websites or other websites that can help you with legal solutions. If you still want to try, it is your call.

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