Craftmaster Furniture Reviews – Check Out [2023]


Are you willing to renovate your home then you must read craftmaster furniture reviews. Well, we have got you. This article is all about giving basic details about the company and the quality they provide. Sometimes, we often get confused whenever we think of renovations. Do not worry. Craftsmaster can customize your desired interior furniture as per your taste. 

The retail stores are available all over the United States, providing high-quality furniture for all your needs. Now let us look at craftsmaster reviews.

What is craftmaster furniture?


Craftmaster Furniture is a renowned furniture brand that has existed for 45 years in this world. It is based in North Carolina, United States. The owners believed it was the family legacy to build unique furniture for their clients.

They make upholstery in North Carolina for the cultural ethics of the residents. The manufacturing unit is 659,000 sq ft, and there are more than 700 highly professional and trained carpenters. The brand has grown tremendously to provide the best quality furniture.

The company usually customizes the product as per their client’s needs which is why they are so popular. There are 160 plus sofas types, chairs, and more than a thousand fabric choices. There is a variety of leather for furnishings, and they ship the masterpiece worldwide. Let us look into Craftmaster furniture reviews


The material used in making the furniture is eco-friendly, and they also have EFEC certificates for the best manufacturers for using eco-friendly materials.

Paula Deen, the known celebrity chef, has exclusive upholstery directly from their kitchen to the living room. Apart from contributing so much to the earth, they donate to several charity organizations to keep up their good work. Hence they are very famous.


  • The frame of the wood is made of a hardware frame.
  • The arms of sofas are extremely comfortable as it is stuffed with luxurious foam.
  • Many tie wires and springs are attached internally to the furniture frame to provide extra comfort.
  • The back of the frame is padded too.
  • The sewing is so fine that the fabric wouldn’t come out of it.
  • The fabric is made up of Dacron polyester.
  • The seating area is highly padded to provide extra comfort.


  • Email- unavailable
  • Contact number- unavailable
  • Owner- RayCalcagne
  • Shipping- worldwide 
  • Key product- Furnitureincludingsofa,chairsetc.


  • High-quality fabric
  • Thousands of varieties of furniture.
  • Training for the fresher employees.
  • They have been serving the people for 45 years.
  • Fine tailoring in the furniture.
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • Bad customer service.
  • The furniture doesn’t last long.
  • Most customers are disappointed by their purchase.
  • The pricing is high.

Is craftmaster furniture worth buying?


This is a tricky question and the most awaited part of our article. We would recommend this company to our readers with lots of research about the company and extracting all the data. Yes, you can buy furniture from this company after the complete evaluation of the product, and then only you won’t be disheartened.

Craftmaster furniture reviews are all over the internet, which is why we have seen the company’s remarkable growth in recent years. They have ample variety to choose from. We want to suggest that if you can visit their retail stores, it would be much better. They have thousands of varieties in the store, millions of products already sold, and positive and more negative customer complaints.

What are the craftmaster furniture reviews by the customers?

The craftsmaster furniture is ranked 502 amongst 1637 brands which is okay. But the company’s overall rating is just 1.2 stars, which is extremely low. There are more negative reviews about the quality of the furniture and the extremely expensive cost. 


The customer service is poor, and customers are extremely unhappy with the repair process. We still would recommend if you can go and check from your eyes, it would be much better.


We have mentioned all the craftmaster furniture reviews above. All the information is extracted from genuine and reliable sources on the internet. In case you want to buy your home furniture from craftsmaster, we would highly recommend that you can visit the retail store. 

Customers need to check the quality and other stuff with their eyes rather than believing in reviews and ordering online.

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