Robux, Promocode Reviews [2024]

If you are looking for then you must read-out his informative article to acquired knowledge on how to redeem it? As you know it is a Robux supply platform mainly used by Roblox players.

There are many other points and important information that you must note before getting it into this platform.



It is a Robux provider website which allow users to get it multiple times. The site has different ways to get it which we have explained in the bleow how-to section. Once you grab this Robux, you can use it in your games to purchase things you want. The best part is that no fees or hidden info are associated with using this generator.

Players need to complete a few surveys, and once completed, they will receive their rewards. Also, the site gives you options to withdraw different number of Robux at one time.


Let’s take a look into the specifications of the site to understand it better –

  • Purpose – To offer rewards multiple times
  • Site Registered Date – 2021-11-08
  • Site Expiry Date – 2024-11-08
  • Address – Not available
  • Contact – + Not available
  • Email – Not available
  • System Type – Supports different systems like Android, Apple, etc.
  • Trust score – Low

Steps for collecting Robux from

  • Visit the site
  • It informs you that the player needs to fill out surveys or download apps to get their rewards.
  • Click on ‘Start Earning.’ It will load the link account page, explicitly mentioning that they won’t ask for a Roblox password.
  • Here, you can enter your Roblox username and wait for the account to get linked.
  • Once linked, it will take the gamers to the survey page.
  • You could see different types of surveys available.
  • Select what type of surveys you want to fill out.
  • It would show you the list of different surveys and associated rewards.
  • The surveys are like paid surveys, apps to download, fun quizzes, and even videos with ads to watch.
  • The page also lists down the steps to gain these rewards. So, follow these steps as mentioned on the site.
  • Once you have completed the surveys, players can verify their Robux.



Let me tell you a few advantages of using this site –

  • No cost associated with using the generator.
  • The site loads up quickly and keeps players engaged.
  • The site requires the Roblox username and is the only information required by the site.
  • Players can receive their rewards on different system types.  
  • The site does not use verification which could have sometimes proved tedious.
  • The contact information is present on the site and can be contacted.
  • The uses an HTTPS connection and is a secure site.


Below lists out few disadvantages –

  • The surveys and downloading apps can be a demerit point for players who do not want to install apps to get Robux.
  • Due to a lack of verification, there are chances that a bot could also use it.
  • There is no information regarding the whereabouts of the page and no information regarding the address or country it belongs from.
  • A contact page is available that takes a player to the email page, and no contact number or support page is found.

Is the website legit or not? 


As per the research and technical points which is noted down the can be used. Though it does not attract much traffic but appears safe to be used, the website is accessible by different engines such as BitDefender, Avira, and many more.

We found other comments by gamers regarding its authenticity, and we cannot question that more. But we will always suggest our readers not to share you details no matter what and always verify before using any platform.

Customer opinions about the website

Upon researching, we could find different reviews and comments from the players. Few players have commented that the site is legit, and they received Robux without spending a cent. Another one has mentioned that the site is easy to use and is a trusted site. 


We were able to find a different site with various comments from gamers. The positive-to-negative comments ratio is higher and seems reasonable to be used.


As mentioned earlier, this site is safe to use, and players have verified it. The website uses a secure HTTP connection rating the side as more authentic. However, the site has less or almost no traffic per Alexa Traffic rank. 

But there are several mirror sites available which players have to be sure before using it. Do let us know what you think about in the comment section below.

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