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How this website name Rbxeb.com is supplying unmetered Robux for multiple time. Definitely it’s a survey-based platform that asks users to take the steps to get and redeem Robux.

This website will give you exactly that. Let us see what this website has to offer its users, along with the advantages and disadvantages of using this website. We shall also see if it is legitimate or not.

What is rbxeb.com?


Many people around the world play Roblox games. With the passing of time, game developers are adding new types of equipment and other additions to this game. To experience these new updates, the players have to buy them using Robux. This website will provide you with Robux.

You can all the items available in the game and other additions if you have enough Robux, but where can you get it, and that too without any fee? The answer is simple; you have to use this website; you can have it by following a few easy steps. Currently the website is not working.

How to collect Robux from Rbxeb.com?

  • Enable the internet connection on your device
  • Go to rbxeb.com 
  • You will find an option “get started.” Click on it and follow the registration process to become a member
  • After that, you have to type your name of the Roblox account or id 
  • In order to get Robux without any charge, all you have to do is complete some tasks that it asks, and you can get it.


  • Name of the website – rbxeb.com
  • Email id – unavailable
  • Physical address – their address has not been given
  • Owner – it has not been disclosed
  • Privacy Policy – not given
  • Terms of use – it is not available 
  • Social Media – their presence on social media is not known
  • Promo codes – unknown
  • Installation – the app can be installed through google play


  • Unmetered Robux
  • Flexible and compatible to all devices
  • No subscription required
  • The process for generating Robux is straightforward to follow
  • By registering yourself and upon the completion of tasks, you can get Robux


  • The Robux can be generated upon completion of a few tasks, but the tasks are not mentioned
  • The tasks might or not take you to another website, but there might be entries from third-party websites
  • There are no contact details on the website given
  • The terms of use have not been mentioned on their website
  • The privacy policy, which is an essential policy to be considered while using any website, is not prevalent here
  • The presence of this website is not known on social media

Is rbxeb.com legit?


Here comes the most crucial part of the website. All the readers and the ardent players must be delighted to hear about getting robux without any charges. But what matters is, is it legit to use it? Don’t worry; we got that covered for you.

After reading the pros and cons, it is evident that the details about the ownership or terms of use have not been given. Even the privacy policy is not mentioned anywhere, which is essential. The tasks upon whose completion the Robux can be generated are also not explained anywhere. 


Hence it is advised to the readers that the website might or might not be legit. The users are supposed to be aware as it might be a scam and the main reason behind is that this platform is currently not available anywhere and now closed.

What are the user reviews?

While we have tried to see if any reviews are given for this website, to the reader’s dismay, there are no reviews anywhere. Even the website did not mention anywhere about the users’ reviews.


We, however, request the readers to come back as we will update you as and when we receive a review regarding the website.


The updates on the Roblox game are exciting, and to experience Robux is needed to enhance your gaming experience. This website helps you get Robux by completing a few tasks without additional costs.

However, the users are advised to be aware, and before using the websites, they can see if it is legit to use. We hope you found this article helpful, do give us your feedback.

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