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If you are looking for original Norwex cleaning product reviews, you are in the right place. This article solves all your confusion about the brand and the products.

Cleaning the house is a very hectic job for some. For some people, it is a part of their hobby, and some are always clean. However, all these kinds of people need the best products for cleaning, and this is where the Norwex cleaning products reviews help you understand the goodness of the products. They are chemical-free cleaning products and thus proved to be non-toxic.

About Norwex cleaning products and their types

These products help you clean your house and other surfaces with water and nothing else. It helps save your money and eliminates exposure to toxic substances. 


There are not just one but many its products, and these, accordingly to Norwex cleaning products reviews, are one of the reasonable solutions to the cleanliness problems. It is chemical-free cleaning products have developed markets all over the world.


  • Many products include all-purpose, window, bathroom, and floor cleaners.
  • Different prices and features
  • Available in most the countries
  • Available online through sales consultants

Types available

  • Norwex microfiber cloths: consist of 10% polyacrylamide and 90% polyester. The microfibers are 1/200 that of the size of human hair and assist in removing bacilli. The antibacterial properties will remain till 200 washing.
  • Their ultra-power plus cloth washing detergent: is a concentrated detergent that washes up to 100 loads.
  • Also, their body and face cloth: According to Norwex cleaning products reviews, they are made of small fiber cloth like that casement cloth. The cloth works gently with the skin, especially on the countenance, and it becomes smoother while cleansing.
  • Kitchen Cloth and tea towel: removes the scrubby marks and has soft edges.
  • Norwex dish cloth: soft and scrubby side used accordingly.
  • Its window cloth
  • Its cleaning paste: is made of natural ingredients and is safe for children and kids.
  • Enviro cloth: rinsing larger surfaces.
  • Norwex dusting mitt: soft and suitable for dusting surfaces
  • Norwex makeup removal fabric
  • Norwex pet mitt

Norwex cleaning products reviews by customers

Most of the customers are satisfied with the products. They agree that the items are suitable for rinsing and wiping purposes. Norwex cleaning products reviews shared by the customers are exciting and valuable. 

It gives complete information about the reality present in the product. The products are preferrable and suitable for purposes, especially kitchen cleaning.

Positive reviews

  • Chemical free
  • Antibacterial and kills the germs
  • Have different varieties
  • People say that they can clean rough surfaces with a soft cloth
  • Microfibre clothes are found to have extraordinary acceptance among the customers

Negative reviews

  • Use it carefully because it is MLM based.
  • Negative thoughts about customer care
  • Some complaints about the smoothness of cloth vanishing too soon
  • Found to be expensive

Is Norwex cleaning products a scam?


No, it is not a scam; however, be careful, as it is an MLM product.

Its antibacterial microfibers are utilized for fighting against germs also soft, and they can also be effective for cleaning smooth surfaces. All of its products with the company details are given on the websites; thus, it is proven legit. 

We found mixed types of reviews. Some love it, but some may not. As their MLM-based, it is the thing to be taken care of. Only some bacterial disinfection assumptions were found to be not true at times. Still, otherwise, according to the norwex cleaning products reviews, the product is the best for cleaning with water. 

The clothes are made of microfibre, and the website has contact information and other details if wanted. However, the product is excellent and effectively used by the people.



The Norwex cleaning products reviews advise you to buy the products but be careful, as only official site purchases are encouraged here. The product is antibacterial and one of the best in the field. The products have mixed reviews online, so it is always better to consult other reviews before buying. The ability to disinfect is sometimes proved inaccurate, so the primary purpose is just cleaning the surfaces.

I hope you liked the write-up, and please provide your feedback. Remember to let us know about your experience.


1. Does norwex kill bacteria?

There is no particular evidence that it kills bacteria, but the company claims its products effectively remove grime. It is made of chemical-free and non-toxic items is the best way to kill bacteria. Its clothes are soft and gentle and can kill bacteria and germs more quickly than expected. Some reviews do not support this statement, and thus it might only sometimes be accurate.

2. Does norwex disinfect?


The microfiber cloths are designed in such a way that they can kill 99% of bacilli. The anti-microbial agent will thus prevent further growth of the microorganism on the fabric. But in some cases, it’s not true; it might lose the ability to disinfect.

3. Do norwex products work?

According to the norwex cleaning products reviews, 80% t of the products are working. There are also issues with the others. The idea that the silver coating has to kill the microorganism is sometimes proved inaccurate, but it is perfect for other cleaning purposes.

4. Norwex new products 2022

  • Lysere rejuvenating radiance serum
  • Microfiber wet mop pad
  • Eco-Wash laundry detergent strips
  • Bright and white laundry and home booster
  • Laundry stain remover
  • Tile mop pads with back lock
  • Xlmop system
  • Ultra-plush towel set

5. Where are norwex products made?

The products are manufactured in China even though they began in Norway.

6. Norwex products and prices

The online products have different price ranges according to the norwex cleaning products reviews. 

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