Rainbow friends Roblox | How to Win, Tips? (2023)


Adding horror to Roblox makes it more special; similarly, rainbow friends roblox is one of the best horror genre games. It is now one of the trendings and one of the most-played Roblox games. In this post, we will let you know the warkness of all friends, including blue, green, orange, purple, and red.

Most of you might find it similar and relatable to FNAF, Piggy, and Poppy playtime. But what makes it so special, and how can you lead the game, let’s find out in this informative article.

About rainbow friends Roblox

Before knowing the hidden facts, guides, and tricks to win the game, lets us know the detail about it. The plot of this game is like you will play a character of a random kid kidnapped during a school trip and trapped in a party-themed room in an amusement park. But as you proceed in the gameplay, you will uncover the scary face behind the party theme. 


Thus, this is why its unique concept attracted millions of players to play it daily. During this game, you will spend 5 nights where; each night will be a nightmare, and a slick mistake will cause you whole. Each night you will complete the task to survive for the next day. The location is remote and leaves you with five rainbow friends (If you want to call them friends).

However, there are a few tips that we will let you know in the below segment. But before, let’s know in detail about the five friends.

Rainbow friends or characters/monsters

As mentioned above, there are five nights with Rainbow friends Roblox: Blue, Orange, Green, Red, and purple. Each character has a different specialty and weakness. Let’s elaborate below:

Blue friend


This friend is the hype of the game and famous among all characters, a cookie-like drooling face with a yellow crown on his head might look funny, but you won’t like to shake his hand. 

How to avoid blue friends?

To safeguard yourself, always pay attention to the signs; whenever it gets closer to you or alerts him, a red exclamatory mark will appear over your head which will denote you to hide, run or disappear from its vision. Choose a closet or any crawling space for a hideout to avoid blue friends’ attention. Listen to the pattern of its footsteps to avoid interaction. Use the box to escape.

Green friend

This character is different from a blue friend; you can’t fool him by using a box to escape. This green creature has long arms and a Gump-like structure who don’t move quickly. 

How to avoid green friends?


Avoid touching any green unless you are sure. The best way to acknowledge its coming is by hearing its squeaky toy-like noise. Quickly found another route to escape from it without giving him much time to analyze.

Orange rainbow friend

It mixes lizard and frog with ball-like eyes and sharp teeth. This character is fast and will catch you without noticing you, so always remember to avoid the orange trail because an orange friend is good at hiding which is hard to identify.

How to avoid orange friend?

Feed him or become the meal; the best way to avoid an orange rainbow friend is to feed him continuously from its machine to make him busy so that you can get enough time to escape. Orange is fast, but the best thing is that you can escape through a box or locker.

Purple rainbow friend


The slicky-like creature with a circle face, long hands, and legs is the creepiest because it can grab you from vents or even a tiny open space.

How to avoid purple rainbow friend?

The only way to avoid purple is not to touch the water, keep an eye on the vent, and walk on footsteps only. If you touch the water immediately, the hands will come out to grab you.

Red rainbow friend

Is it a positive or negative character, red Rainbow friends Roblox is still a mystery. You will hear the red friends sound thought out chapter 1, narrating your experience. The character has a big red face, big button eyes, and a normal human body. From its attire, we can assume that the red friend is the host or scientist of the whole game.


Thus, we hope you liked our article on Rainbow friends Robloxas we detailed their strengths and weakness and how you can avoid them to escape.

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