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Bloxd io is an online gaming platform that allows you to play multiple games in Minecraft graphics and provides various gaming modes. Let’s know what the tips and tricks to lead it are.


Various gaming platforms allow you to play your favorite video games without downloading them. These games are like plug and play, but certain users believe it gives an unfair advantage or misled players. Is it so? Let’s check it out.

About bloxd io

It is an online gaming platform that includes several games with different genres and modes. You will experience the game in Minecraft graphic versions, and multiplayer options are also available, and you will find games like:

  • Pixel warfare
  • Kirka
  • Castle build and trade
  • Highway racer
  • 11 battles
  • Paint strike
  • Mine Blocks
  • Ships 3D 
  • Evil tower
  • Doodletube
  • BloxdHop & many more

It’s an open platform where any individual can contribute; suppose you are a developer and know the creativity, then you can directly contact the owner and can contribute. Until now, bloxd io group has more than 750+ game developers with over 20M users.

It is a great opportunity for independent developers to earn; they can monetize their developed games. At present, there are several teams of developers who are earning a handsome profit from it. For your technical information, the website is running on AWS. They use Node.js, React, TypeScript, and GraphQL.


For more information, you can also visit there About us section, where you can find out more details.

Games mode

  • CubeWarfare – Build blocks and compete in a third-party shooting game, 
  • Peaceful – In this mode of Minecraft, you can build buildings by visiting all sides of the map to collect sources.
  • EvilTower – Roblox’s power of Hell inspires this game; in this mode, you have to reach the top of the tower by utilizing parkour skills.
  • DoodleCube – Enhance your creativity in a Doodle world; in this game, you have to replicate close enough by watching objects and themes then users will vote, which is more exact.
  • – This game is similar to EvilTower, but the sole difference is that you must reach the end of the map instead of the top of the tower. To reach the end, you have to cross all hurdles, including different sizes of blocks. Follow the parkour style to hop the level.


  • Developer: Arthur
  • Release date: February 2021
  • Platform: Windows, Android, and iOS
  • Office address: Prof. Roger Van Overstraetenplein 2, 3000 Leuven, Belgium
  • Postal and legal address: Ketelmakerij 20, 3010 Leuven, Belgium
  • Social media: They are available on TikTok, Twitter, and LinkedIn

What are the user reviews?

As per the research and the information gathered, we found that users are satisfied with the platform and found many exciting games for time kill.

Is the platform safe to use?


Bloxd io is best for playing multiple video games based on Roblox and Minecraft graphics. Based on the input we received and the self-test, we didn’t find any flaws or anything suspicious. However, we always suggest that our users not entertain any website or platform that asks for your personal details or seems suspicious.


Thus, we can say that Bloxd io is a safe platform to play video games for time-kill; several such options are already available, which is not different from them. Do share your thoughts in the comments section below if you face any difficulties.

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