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We will be reviewing– Is pandabuy legit in this article. Pandabuy is a website that provides shipping services, purchased products, and warehousing services?


We will look into the details of the online store currently is a hot topic in the United States, know the full details on how you can place an order from this store. We will also cover the legitimacy of the website and the reviews the users gave. The advantages and disadvantages of using this site will also be seen. So, let us begin. 

What is pandabuy?

Pandabuy is an online store that sells various products and operates its services from China. But sells product worldwide, you can find the products that are mentioned below – 

  • Sneakers
  • Hoodies
  • Shirts
  • Jackets

By logging into your account, you can find the products with the price for each. Before we find out – Is pandabuy legit? Let us see how you can place an order from this online store.

How to buy?

  • The essential step is to ensure you have a stable internet connection, whatever your device uses.
  • You can order from the website or install the app and order.
  • After you open their store, you will find a search option and click on it.
  • You will have two options – shop or product; based on your preference, choose anyone.
  • Before doing so, you will be asked to log in; after that, you can order.

Let us see the specifications before learning about – Is pandabuy legit.


  • Email id – there are two emails given on this online store; one is for the business,, and the other for customer support which is
  • Address – the company’s address is in London, United Kingdom.
  • Social Media – the e-commerce store is available on Discord.
  • Installation – you can even install the app via Google Play and get their services.
  • Exchange and Return – After 5 days of ordering a product, the users can either return it or exchange it via third-party services.
  • Refund – the users will get a refund based on the total amount they paid for the product.
  • Payment- after placing an order, you can purchase the product through different credit cards.
  • DIY Orders – you can even get DIY products on this online shop.
  • Coupons – you can shop on this online store using coupons you can access after logging in.


  • You can receive different services like shipping, warehousing, and products from China through this online shop.
  • The website provides a refund on products.
  • If you want to connect with them, you can mail them.
  • They even have a discord channel, and a link is given on their site.
  • For the products that you wish to be returned/replaced, the requirements for each of it is given on the online store’s website.
  • You can visit them at the office address given.


  • The website involves third-party services.
  • You need to sign up mandatorily to acquire their services.
  • In the warehouse, they will store the goods only for 90 days, after which they will be destroyed unless feedback is given.

Is pandabuy legit?


We have researched the website’s legitimacy. We found videos on YouTube where the users gave reviews. You can install the online store app through Google Play, and even there, we could find reviews indicating that they deliver the goods.

We also observed that the app has 500k plus downloads. Hence it is legit; however, there were negative reviews, thus indicating that though the website may be legit, the products might need to be of better quality. 

What are the user reviews?

Positive Reviews

  • A user gave 5 stars and appreciated their functioning.
  • Another user reviewed that it was easy to use and shop from here.
  • Another user also provided five stars, who ordered a haul and is satisfied with it.
  • Another user also appreciated the app and said that it works fine.
  • A user ordered a chain and recommended others to use it.

Negative Reviews

  • A user did not like his experience and needed clarification, and gave it one star.
  • Another user also rated similarly and faced an issue while logging in.
  • A user wanted to avoid their shipping fees and found it too expensive.
  • Another user reviewed it, saying the app could have been more user-friendly.
  • A user gave one star, wasn’t happy with his order, and returned it.



In this article – Is pandabuy legit, we can thus conclude that the online shop is legit. However, we found mixed reviews about it. Few liked their products, whereas others did not like them and felt that the shipping price was high.

We hope you gained helpful insights from this article, please let us know your feedback in the comments.

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