Is Ifdress Legit? Reviews & Complaints – [2024]


Ifdress is an ecommerce platform famous for women’s clothing. But is ifdress legit or not? Because many customers have raised this question that we will find out here.

Many of them wish their dresses to be grand and unique from others, whether a wedding or prom dress. Some might even want it extravagant. Let us see if this online store is the one for you.


We will see what products are available on this online store, and we will also see how you can buy items on this website. We will see and understand what kind of reviews the e-commerce site has if given any. In this article, we will also ascertain the store’s legitimacy, so let us get started.

What is

It is an online store that sells products exclusively for women. Their main goal is to provide the best quality dresses regardless of the occasion. As you open their online shop, you can find a variety of dresses and each of them for different events like – 

  • The most famous of all – Prom dresses – You can find varieties like gowns for the ball, plus size dresses, dresses with long sleeves, etc.
  • Homecoming – this is another category of dresses that they sell.
  • Bridesmaids – they have a myriad of dresses for bridesmaids.
  • Bride – here also, you can see a category of dresses like plus size wedding dresses, boho dresses, etc.
  • Events – depending on the occasion, like graduation, events, or homecoming, you can choose a dress.

Before we find out if is ifdress legit, let us see how you can order from here.

How to order?


By following the steps given below, you can place an order for yourself – 

  • The first and essential step is to ensure a stable connection to avoid any hassles while shopping.
  • Open your browser and go to the website.
  • You will see on their dashboard different options and choose from them.
  • After you choose anyone, you will find diverse items on display with pictures and the product’s price. 
  • Click on the item and select buy now. Your order will be placed.


  • Email id – you can mail them via
  • Social Media – on Pinterest and Facebook, you can find them.
  • Office Address – the office address of the website is – the Republic of Ireland.
  • Terms of Service – all the essential details, like the terms used, contact details, etc, are given in their terms of service section.
  • Payment – you can make payments through different credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, etc.
  • Date of Registration – on 6th November 2022, the website was registered.
  • Exchange and return – you can return the product you ordered within 5 days of receiving it.
  • Cancellation – you can get a full refund on canceling the item if it is canceled within 24 hours.
  • Date of Expiry – on 6th November 2023, the webpage is said to expire.

Let us now see the pros and cons and find out about – Is ifdress legit.


  • You can shop for a variety of products on this online shop ranging from prom dresses to wedding gowns and for bridesmaids.
  • The items on this shopping platform are available in different colors.
  • You can choose whatever size fits you, explained through a separate section titled size guide.
  • The users can even select the price range while shopping.
  • You will get the entire refund if you cancel an item within a day.


  • You can use promo codes on this store only once.
  • Your personal information will be collected while using the online store.
  • The return request will only be accepted if you return the product within 5 days.
  • If an international order is placed, the customer has to pay the shipping price.

Is ifdress legit or not?


In this section, we will see the legitimacy of the online store. We researched and tried to get reviews but could not find reviews on any platform except on their site. The app also couldn’t be found on Google Play.

The address given seems fake and proofs that the question of “Is ifdress legit” is correct on it. It is said to be expire within 3 years of commencement. Hence there is a high chance for it to be a scam.

What are the customer reviews of

We understand the importance of customer reviews as they will help first-time buyers to decide whether they can prefer the product or not. With a similar intention, we searched for the feedbacks given by the shoppers but couldn’t find any.


However, they have social media pages but with zero comments or feedbacks from the customers.


In this article on- Is ifdress legit, we have seen many red flags about the online store. It sounds very pleasing as they have all types of dresses, but the reviews couldn’t be seen anywhere except on their store, and the address also didn’t seem real.

Hence all users must be aware as there are high chances for it to be a scam. We hope you liked our article; please give us your feedback.

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