X.epizy.com Roblox | Best for Gaming, Try Now? [July 2023]


In this article, we will see what exactly x.epizy.com Roblox have for its users. Are you looking for a platform that offers you the chance to create your website? Then epizy is the right place to look for. You can host your own websites using their platform.

We will look into more details about this website, its features, and its advantages and disadvantages. We will also find out if it is legit or not.

What is X.epizy.com Roblox?


It offers various features like disk space and unlimited bandwidth; it is a website builder that can be used to create your own website. It has a special feature of not giving any ads too. 

What are the features of x.epizy.com Roblox? It has various features to offer, like MySQL Database, and it has access to FTP also. You can host your websites for free, and additionally, there is a choice to do premium hosting too. You can create your account automatically.


  • Date of creation -19th August 2013
  • Name of the owner – for privacy purposes, it has been redacted
  • Last date of updation – 16th September 2022
  • Features available – website hosting, file manager, you can build your website, File Transfer Protocol (FTP) access, Hypertext Processor (PHP), etc.
  • Alexa Rank – it has meager traffic, and its ranking is 99999999
  • Email ID – unavailable



Let us look at the pros that this website has – 

  • It has many features to offer that help you build your website
  • There are premium features available, which you can avail of by using the premium hosting website
  • It provides you with the option of hosting your website without any advertisements


Let us now see what cons this website has – 

  • The website has a lot of downtimes
  • The activity on this website is restricted as its bandwidth is strangled
  • The sites created using their website often get deleted without any prior warning
  • It uses ammps as its server. Thus, there is a low security
  • While making the website, there were issues with the WordPress

Is x.epizy.com Roblox legit?


The readers must be confused after reading the pros and cons of this website. Any prudent man who reads the description of this website can tell one thing for sure the website helps other websites to build but with many drawbacks. It offers features, but there is downtime too.

The website has significantly less traffic, meaning few people use its services. Though it has been found that there is a high risk involved in using the website, it does not have any phishing involved. Thus, it is a legitimate website.

Customer Reviews


Let us now look into the reviews given by its users for x.epizy.com Roblox –

Positive Reviews –

  • Though there are a lot of similar websites like epizy that offer the users to build their website, a user has given the review that this website has potential.
  • Another user got in touch with a person who runs the website, and she got her website running.
  • A user has given a 5-star rating and said their website is virus free.
  • Another user has said that the website was very decent; he could even find games that he could play virus-free

Negative Reviews

  • A user has given a review stating that a fourteen-year-old runs it and has given 1 star
  • Another user has downloaded a game that contained a virus, and he has given a 1-star rating


The readers must have now understood what x.epizy.com Roblox is all about. The website is legit, but it has a lot of risks associated with it. There are advantages but disadvantages, too, and the noteworthy point to be remembered by the users about epizy is that there is no proper website.

Various vital policies like the privacy policy and terms of use are also unavailable. It can be concluded that if you think the website works in your favor, you can use it. If not, beware before you open and use the website. We hope you found this article helpful, do give us your feedback.

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