Kabi.live | Upto 4500 Robux, Rewards, Giftcards [July 2023]


In this article, we shall see about kabi.live. The website can be used for getting Robux freely, without any cost. There must be a lot of players for the game Roblox. The rewards can be used to enhance your game.

We shall see what this website is all about, its advantages, disadvantages and whether it can be used for generating rewards, if yes then the process for the same. Keep reading to know all these details.

What is Kabi.live?

Using this website rewards you for playing the Roblox game without any cost. While no monetary transactions are involved while claiming the Robux, various tasks must be performed to get the Robux.


The tasks generally vary, and only upon the completion of it will the reward be generated by the app. We shall also see if Kabi.live is legitimate or not.

How to get rewards?

To get the Robux from this website, you have to follow the below-mentioned steps which are:

1. You can receive Robux for nothing by following the first step by entering your username. You have to make sure that you are entering the correct name.


2. The second step is to select your operating system. The website functions on both Android devices and iOS devices. Check the details about your device and enter the same.

3. On this website, Robux is offered for a minimum of 400 to a maximum of 4500 Robux. It must be remembered that the reward will be generated based on the task completed.

4. The complexity of the tasks varies on this website. The next step is downloading a game and watching ads or completing surveys.


Once you are done with the above steps, you can get the rewards.


  • Promo codes – unknown
  • Social Media – it is not present on any social media apps
  • Registered On:2023-04-01
  • Expires On:2024-04-01
  • Updated On:2023-04-06
  • Rewards – the Robux are given in four variations
  • Installation – it can be installed through google play
  • Email id – unavailable


  • The rewards on the website
  • The rewards for the Roblox game are provided in four denominations
  • The page of website displays six options, after which you can generate your reward after choosing your platform
  • The process for obtaining Robux is easy


  • There is no mention of any important policies like privacy policy 
  • The website did not provide any contact details
  • They are not present on any of the social media platforms
  • The synchronization process is followed by tasks that might be contradictory to privacy
  • The synchronization process takes a lot of time to generate the task to be performed

Is kabi.live legit?

The website has a straightforward procedure for securing the rewards, which can be used for buying virtual characters and which shall help enhance the gaming experience in Roblox. The steps which have been prescribed are elementary; however, the final step, which is the verification, takes a lot of time.

Even after the process is done, there is no warranty that the Robux rewards you choose will be given to you. Though the steps for getting rewards are very promising and secure to hear, it is advised that the users be aware that it is a newly registered website. The details have also yet to be mentioned in a full-fledged manner.

What are the user reviews?


Let us see the reviews about Kabi.live. To provide clarity to the readers of this article, a review section has been made; however, to the dismay of the readers, there have yet to be any reviews available about this website. 

We, however, request the readers to come back as we will update you as and when we receive a review regarding the website.


As promising as the offer sounds – to follow four easy steps and get rewards for zero cost, it advised the readers that the website might or might not be legit. There must be ardent Roblox players, but it is better to be aware before entering personal information on their website.

Kabi.live is a very new website that claims to give the Robux but be cautious; we hope this article helped you. Do give us your feedback.

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