Where is the Chalice in Fortnite? Do You Know! [2024]

Want to know the answer to “Where is the Chalice in Fortnite,” read this article that will help you learn more details about it. All the Fortnite players must be curious, so let us get started and find the answer to your question.

In this article, we will find out where the Chalice is in Fortnite and what precisely a chalice is in Fortnite. This article shall also focus on the features of a chalice. After reading this article, you will be able to determine where the Chalice can be found.

Who and what is Chalice?


Fortnite has multiple games that can be played by different players, either individually or collectively. The player who remains until the end is deemed the winner in this game. Among the various games, in season 4 of the games in Fortnite, in the historic ruins and prehistoric jungle, you can find secrets.

Where is the Chalice in Fortnite will be looked into soon; among the various treasures, one of them is the Chalice. This treasure has to be tracked down by the people playing the game, Aura gives this task, and players must ensure that it does not land in the hands of the wrong people. 

Where is Chalice on Aura’s Maps?


In the Fortnite game, in season 4, snapshots it is required by the players to look out for the treasure using maps of Aura. The players have to complete the search so that the island in the game can be leveled up, and after completing the search, the Chalice has to be handed over to Aura to ensure that the island is safe.

Are you wondering where is the Chalice in Fortnite? Do not worry, as we have got that covered for you. The hunt for searching is challenging, but by following the given steps, you can quickly complete the hunt:

  • The first step is to agree to the mission by informing Aura.
  • After the interaction, the Non-player Character (NPC) will guide the player in carrying the bars of gold. The map must be located by the players, which will be placed beside Aura, upon which the players can collect hints. 
  • The position of the Chalice on Aura’s map can be found by finding a magnifying glass icon.
  • The next step is to find a hidden passageway in the form of a ruined temple with stairs.
  • In the secret chamber, an arrow can be found, which has to be clicked.
  • Players will then have to offer gold bars for finding the treasure on a mount. 

After finding the treasure, you must return it to Aura, with which the players shall complete the hunt.

What are its features?


Before we ascertain where is the Chalice in Fortnite, let us see its features. Its features are described as follows – 

  • It has an arch-shaped structure.
  • It is gold in color
  • There are red spotted buttons on top of it.
  • The Chalice also has two spike-structured projections on the sides.

These are the features of the treasure in Fortnite. The treasure is generally hidden in a treasure box and is located in secret passageways. The players must exercise caution before taking each step using their weapons. 


The inventory must also be used wisely, including the augments. With the help of weapons, the players can break the passageways.

Where is the Chalice in Fortnite?

Following the given steps, the players can find the Chalice in Fortnite. Make sure you follow which are mentioned as follows – 

  • The gamers must interact with the ditches and hitches in the Aura’s map.
  • The valuable secret item is underground in Fortnite, so you must travel to the hidden landmarks containing the ruins.
  • The players will find a sealed door that must be opened post which a higher door in blue color will open.
  • After entering the hidden ruins, you need to find the secret room.
  • You must hand over your gold bars by interacting with the pedestal.

After completing the steps mentioned above, you will find the Chalice, after which the players will be transformed into Orelia. The gamers of Fortnite must follow all the steps given above to collect the Chalice. 

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