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Know the latest Vassar mini mart reviews and find out your nearest store and location in the United States. Here you will get know about the product and quality of it they are selling. 

We always provide details systematically so they do not make sure you know the situation. We are not here to advertise any platform, and we provide details as it is to the best of our knowledge. 


This place claims to have a variety of products and gained huge customers over the years. The items are in huge number and quality, keeping its customers in the loop. It is suitable for those looking for fantastic food items because everything is available under one roof at an affordable price. Before Vassar mini mart reviewslet’s know about it in details.

What is Vassar mini-mart? 

For a foodie who wants to try different items in a buffet at affordable prices, this is one of the best options they can explore. 

However, many still need to wonder how far the taste of the items they provide is good and what about the quality for which we have chosen to do Vassar mini mart reviews. 


They provide a complete meal to the visitors from starter to main course in their buffet, but the visitors have to get in acute. Though the place is simple, it can be your one-stop destination to take your family out for dinner or lunch. 

The visitors are asked to line up and take a plate and choose their favorite items that are kept on the table with tags. It has American cuisine that the customer is willing to try and offers to go every day of the week. 

What are the items they are selling?

  • Don Betos Tacos
  • Swami’s pizza
  • Waffle House
  • Robins nest
  • Cookout
  • Denny’s 


  • Objective: Provide home taste with delicious cuisine
  • Address: AL 36701-7027, 1900 W Dallas Ave, Selma
  • Phone: +1334-418-0560
  • Type of store: Food and Beverages
  • Cuisine: American
  • Opening time: 05:00 AM to 08:90 PM
  • Reservation over call available
  • Order online available
  • Meal available: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Ratings available: on Google- 4.3, Trip: 4.5, Facebook: 5.0
  • Social media platforms: Facebook


Before making a conclusive understanding of Vassar mini mart reviews, the readers need to understand the advantages that it provides:

  • The ratings available on Google, Facebook, and Trip are up to the mark, because of which many can gain their trust in this restaurant, and this can be your one destination to go out with family and have the best American cuisine that tastes like home.
  • If you are working and do not only sometimes get to eat home-cooked food? They also have an “Order Online” facility from which the customer can call and place their order, and you will not miss home-cooked food anymore. 
  • They provide offers once every week on food items. The user can visit them and get the best from the available offers. 
  • The cost of the buffet is very affordable, for which many school and college-going kids might find it convenient to have their meals sorted. 
  • They have their customer service open at all times, so if there are any issues with the food delivery, the customer can call and put their grievances. 
  • The workers in Vassar Mart are pretty understanding and helpful. They serve precisely what the customers require. 
  • The meat available here is exceptionally fresh, and the customers have voted highest for it. 



Let us look at the drawbacks that come with it: 

  • The menu keeps changing because of which one item you love. You may not find it on other days. 
  • The number of tables is less, and the space is small. When you ask for a reservation, the tables are already booked and occupied.
  • There is not a variety of cuisines available from which one can choose. Even the available beverages are not in various types, so the customers get selected items. 
  • The queue at the buffet is very long. 

Different locations of Vassar mini mart in the United States

They are open in only one location, which is:

1900 W Dallas Ave, Selma, AL 36701

What are Vassar mini mart reviews by the customers?


To understand the best about this matter, we went to the social media handle and public opinion forums, where we saw that this site has got a significant rating on every platform it is actively available. The users have talked highly about this platform, and we could barely find anything negative regarding this site. Here is what the reviews talk about: 

Positive reviews: 

  • One customer stated that this place is suitable for family gatherings, and the employees are soft-spoken and always ready to help. 
  • The quality of the food and the price is fantastic, and it is far a lot better than any convenience store a user has suggested. The food tastes like home, and they have a good atmosphere. 

Negative reviews: 

  • The most negative reviews were not because of the services the mart provides but because of the owner’s fight with a Shipman. 

Is this mart worth it? 

After going through the above details and ignoring the negative remarks it has gotten because of the owner’s controversies. If you are fond of home-cooking American cuisine, then as per the reviews available online on many platforms, it has a lot of positive sides to it, and our readers should only focus on the service it promises to provide.


We suggest our readers try this mart and enjoy the best food at an affordable price. We hope our Vassar mini mart reviews are helpful for you. Please write feedback in the comment section below, and remember to rate us. 

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