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Many players want to experience occasional updates, but achieving the most on this game needs guidance. In this article, we will describe all the levels that come with it and how the users can utilize it to explore new themes and atmospheres.

Apeirophobia Roblox guide Level 1 to 10?

Level O: This is one of the most accessible levels. The players will be left in a lonely lobby with other players. In this part of the game, the players and the other members available in the lobby must find the exit. 


Remember that to find that, and the user needs to keep their concentration on the arrows displayed on the walls.

The villains in the journey will try to defeat your team. It would help if you watched their actions. The villains are named Howler and his guard, designated as a siren. They work together by blurting your vision and keeping you from finding the exit. 

Level 1: To pass this level, the player needs to find and cross six hurdles that will be shown on the map. Which can be displayed on the wall, inside a pool, ceiling, and everything available. The user needs to check the top, bottom, and sideways. 

Level 2: The user will be landed in backrooms all 9ver again. Then the players are asked to use the ladders and climb the stairs by following the displays beside them and leaving the area. The user is lucky in this game as no such enemies are available in it.


Level 3: The players now in this level are placed in a lonely office with many cabinets available. The players, as usual, are asked to leave this office, for which they must have three keys. 

The user needs to unlock the office by collecting available keys, and the user needs to find three similar types of keys which need a proper location. 

Level 4: No enemies will also stop you from finding the exit. The player needs to escape the lonely hall by running directly, but they have to leave the first staircase that comes their way. They must climb the stair after that and find an area that turns printed tiles into mirrors.

Level 5: It is the most difficult one to complete. After going through the door, the player will be landed in a dark and scary cave. The difficulty level increases because the user cannot see anything. Because of this, the users must keep their flashlight and camera with them.

Moreover, only one suggestion is available to complete this game rather than just following the yellow light to find your way.


Level 6: This level is easy as compared to the previous one. The player will be made to walk through a purple point, land in a lonely hallway surrounded by a red light, and a continuous alarm will be playing. The enemy in this game is Titan Smiler, who is fast and kills every player in its journey.  

Level 7: This is also challenging, although no enemies will come your way. The user needs to solve the fice and remember the total number that is available in the library and what are the colors of each dice, for example: 

Eight Green

Seven red

Level 8: In this stage, a skin stealer who cannot hear any functions of you like running, walking, and whistling know as a skin stealer, but its visibility is extreme and can spot you from afar. The player is required to cross every hall to survive.

Level 9: Once this stage is cleared, the player must jump for available beautiful and colorful water plays. No enemies are available, and the users are on their journey to explore.  


Level 10: To complete this, the users must ignore two giant enemies. The individual player’s players can see one key, and those playing in a group can see many keys available to them. The enemies are hidden in a box, and they are fast and cannot be stopped from chasing you. 

Different difficulty modes

Easy: In this mode, all the clues and the available challenges are easy to face and straightforward, which gets completed quickly. Moreover, the players are given five revivals of their lives in totality. 

Standard: In this, the user is given only three lives to get revived and start over again.

Hard: In this, the user is only given two lives to get back into the game.

Nightmare: This is the scary stage where the levels are challenging, and the players encounter many enemies that will stop them from achieving the next level. Because of this, the Apeirophobia Roblox guide is required to complete the above ten stages. 

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