Triple AAA Membership | Redeem Your Discount Today? [2023]


Do you still need to be made aware of Triple AAA membership? You have come to the right place where we tried to explain everything. AAA membership is not only for the motorist, which helps get assistance, but it also provides discounted vacation packages, cellular services, and many more.

This membership is for a lifetime, be it traveling or a family trip to universal studios; everything gets easy with the commendable offers that this membership provides. 

Through this, member users get travel services and information, including maps, guides, and information about top-notch private hotels. It also has information about services, member discounts, and truck services. 


About Triple AAA membership

This consists of a massive family of over 15 million members who function through their local service providers and branch offices, which are also available online for its members. 

This membership plan aims to provide its members with world-class services at a nominal cost. Like many membership plans, it does not have to be renewed with time. It is considered to be a plan for a lifetime.


This membership single-handedly provides a variety of discounts on an everyday basis, like restaurant deals, movie deals, hotel deals, and many more. 

To choose the best hotels and services, the members can go through the AAA website on their smart devices and see ratings and reviews regarding top-tier hotels and restaurants. Through this membership, members can easily find cheap hotel rooms, book flights, and reserve rental cars and luxurious motels for their selected destinations. 

On the road, due to unforeseen situations, AAA provides road assistance to its members 24 hours a. Whenever there is a need to repair automobiles, the AAA service trust reaches the destination to help. 

Triple AAA, in collaboration with Royal Caribbean and Carnival Cruise Lines, provides the best cruise experience. 


  • Website:
  • Customer support: Northwest Ohio Area – (419) 843-1222 
  • Outside Area – (800) AAA-HELP, (Available 24 hours a day)
  • Head office: 7150 West Central Avenue, Toledo, Ohio 43617 (419) 843-1234
  • Assistance with vehicle breakdown
  • Emergency checking whenever needed
  • Mobile battery service at anytime
  • Guaranteed arrest bond.
  • Personal travel scheme
  • Tour instructor
  • Car on rent and reservation with huge discounts  
  • Reservation on travels
  • Packages for vacation
  • Tours on Cruise
  • International driving permission 
  • Travel insurance and Travel accident insurance
  • Premier membership: Trip interruption, Vehicle return, Travel assistance. 
  • PAI certificate
  • Annuities and Gift cards
  • Specialty products 
  • Enjoy discounts by showing a card

How to triple AAA membership sign in?


To Sign in for Triple AAA membership, we have to do the following steps as mentioned below: 

  • Go to website
  • The first thing the website asks for is your ZIP code. Enter your zip code and tap on submit. 
  • To sign in, enter your email address and create a password. After registering, the website will take you to the homepage. 
  • On the homepage are options like becoming a member, Gifting a member, or getting an auto quote. Choose accordingly.
  • On the page below, the options will be available for bookings like hotel bookings, flight bookings, cruise bookings, or road assistance ships. Choose accordingly. 

AAA membership benefits

Triple AAA membership benefits are excellent but still need to be discovered by many. To know about it, go through the below points 

  • Emergency fuel delivery service
  • Locksmith services
  • Mobile battery service
  • Cheap hotels
  • 24/7 road assistance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Gift cards
  • Cruise tours
  • Hotel reservations and discounts
  • International driving permits 
  • PAI certified 
  • Triple AAA premier benefits 
  • The premier benefits are the best that Triple AAA membership has to provide that has been listed down below:
  • Unmatched savings experience
  • Identify theft protection
  • Approve auto repair
  • Ticket discounts
  • Travel services and insurance 
  • Trip interruption, Vehicle return, Travel assistance. 

Triple a roadside assistance membership reviews?

After doing thorough research not only on the official website but on different online platforms, we have gathered from membership reviews that members have stated the most considerable benefits this AAA provides the best automobile road assistance. It provides a mechanic when your vehicle breaks down in the middle of the road. Not only that but also truck services to shift your car to a garage for better services.


The members have highly liked the nominal cost replacement, battery replacement, emergency lock switch services, and free cost fuel devices, and also provides discounted travel agency and other related travel benefits.

The second benefit is that travelers enjoy hotel booking discounts, which also provide rental car providers. The hotel discounts are up to 5% to 15%.

Triple AAA membership renewal?

Membership can be renewed for Triple AAA membership by paying for new registration as a member, visiting the branch, or calling on 8009228228 and their online support service. 


Triple AAA membership provides exclusive rights to its members to enjoy traveling and many other services at a significantly discounted price. This membership helps make the most of every trip, saving members time and money. The commitment of AAA needs to be lowered standards of service. Please drop your comments in the comment section below.

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