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Yet another way to discover unmetered Robux is Rblx land. But there are certain steps to collect it. Is the website safe for you, and will it be able to provide Robux? Let’s find out in this article.

Several third-party websites allow users to get Robux, but because of less transparency, visitors often avoid visiting such platforms. But we always try to put you closer to reality and do a fact check of the website. Here we reviewed the website and researched the user’s feedback available over the internet that you must read.

How does a such website work?


The whole process depends on marketing or a win-win situation. When you visit the website, complete the task, download the applications, or do random checks on the videos, these Robux producer sites get Robux.

No such website does not ask users to do a verification check before proceedings.

Rblx land – In detail


As mentioned in the intro part, it’s an open platform that allows users to collect Robux for uncounted times. The method is similar to a few other such platforms, and the website allows user options like:

  • Offers – Runs on a advertising basis.
  • Giveaways – You can participate in their live video gameplay and special events.
  • Referrals – This website also allows you to get Robux on a referral basis; refer this site to your friends and collect it.
  • Challenges – Complete the task, take the survey or take the challenge to get Robux. It depends on the visitors and the challenge of how much they can get Robux. 

If you read the website’s footer section, you will read the message clearly saying that they are not realted with Roblox in any way. Although, you can connect with them via Discord.


  • Website launched: 2020
  • Social media/help: Discord
  • User reviews: Available

What is the process to get Robux?


The website allows you to get it by multiple methods mentioned in the above section. Follow the steps below:

  • Visit the website you will find “Start Now” click the button.
  • Enter your username and attached it.
  • Select your operating system, i.e., iPhone, iPad, or Android
  • Then on the next page, you will see different levels of getting Robux, like Top, Fast, Popular, Easy, New, and Hot.
  • Remember, each level is included with certain tasks, including Robux. The task may be like downloading any gaming app and reaching a certain level, visiting the app’s minimum time, or watching random videos and signing up on any website.
  • Also, you can complete the tasks related to hourly giveaways and new promo codes.
  • Choose the option which suits you and complete the tasks.
  • After completion, the Robux will be collected in your Profile.
  • Go to your Roblox profile and enter the promocodes to redeem or withdraw the Robux from the Rblx land wallet by entering the details.

Is the platform safe?

We researched, analyzed, and collected some details like the website is more than 2 years old and still working. Another is having a Discord chat room where they provide updates, giveaways, and promocodes. Additionally, we found various user comments on their YouTube channel. 


In this way, Rblx land is a safe platform to collect Robux. However, you must follow the steps to redeem it because Roblox has updated the redemption method, so do read the updated details.

What are the user reviews?

After confirming its safety, we move toward what the users have to say. We read many comments, and most of them are found positive. Although some negative comments stated that they never received the Robux, few commented that they are facing issues while redeeming it.


Thus, after reading and comments and putting some light on its rightfulness, the website Rblx land is a safe platform. You can try it out because they never ask for your gaming password. Do let us know your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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