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One of the best live streaming channels, is providing unmetered entertainment of live sports on any smart device. There are many similar platforms available that you can also try if it’s not working.

What is

It is a US-based website that allows its users to enjoy live sports, match highlights, vintage matches, sports news, and such. You can also join with live room chat to connect with different members globally. There are many other similar websites available with the same domain, but few are working. Those are:

streameast. tostreameast. xyz
streameast. comstreameast. gg
streameast. appstreameast. io
Bufferstream eaststreameast. xz

There are many other sports that you can enjoy anytime and anywhere:


Website details

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  • Social media: Videos available
  • Available for regions: US, UK, Brazil, France, Australia, Mexico

Why are such websites providing unlimited streams?

Many services are available for entertainment purposes, so as and many such promoters use third party advertisements for marketing to make some profit. However, in many regions, it is not working, and they have only limited access.

What are the benefits and limitations?


It aims to offer a seamless experience, but it often falls short. Users encounter frequent pop-ups and ads, which can be intrusive. Moreover, the quality of streams varies significantly, leading to occasional buffering and lag. Despite these drawbacks, the allure of free sports streaming keeps many coming back.

How does work?

It operates as an aggregator, curating links from various sources to provide users with accessible streams. Here’s a basic breakdown of how it works:

  1. Homepage Navigation: Users land on the homepage, where they can choose their desired sport.
  2. Category: On visiting the website, you will find different categories of sports. Select anyone.
  3. Event Selection: Upon selecting a sport, a list of ongoing and upcoming events is displayed.
  4. Stream Access: Clicking on an event directs users to streams hosted on third-party servers.

Note: You can change the server if the link is not working. However, multiple links are not available for all live streams.

Are you facing issues while accessing?

If you are facing issues while accessing and getting messages like below then you should use the premium version of VPN.

Alternatives to


Here are some reliable options that provide high-quality, sports streaming:

  1. ESPN+
    1. Offers a wide array of sports including exclusive events.
    1. High-definition streaming with minimal ads.
    1. Monthly or annual subscription plans available.
  2. DAZN
    1. Specialized in boxing and MMA but also covers other sports.
    1. Available in multiple countries with a consistent user experience.
    1. Reasonable subscription fees.
  3. NBC Sports
    1. Coverage of extensive sporting events including the NFL, NHL, and the Olympics.
    1. Provides high-quality streaming with comprehensive coverage.
    1. Often bundled with cable subscriptions.

Legit services (no fee)

  1. Pluto TV’s Sports Channel
    1. Offers a range of live sports and sports commentary.
    1. Free streaming with ads.
    1. Available on various platforms including mobile and smart TVs.
  2. Tubi
    1. On-demand streaming service with a significant sports section.
    1. Includes older sports events and documentaries.
    1. Ad-supported but entirely free.

Is safe to use?

One crucial question that arises with platforms like this website is their legality and safety.


  • Copyright: Most streams provided are unauthorized, broadcasting rights. This means using the service potentially breaches copyright.
  • Content: Due to the influx of third-party links, the content quality can be unpredictable.

Safety issues

User safety is another concern that cannot be overlooked:

  1. Risks: Pop-ups and ads can sometimes lead to malicious sites where users might inadvertently download malware.
  2. Data: Streaming sites often have lax features, compromising user data.
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