Super Slices Robux Roblominer [May 2023]

Have you tried out Super Slices Robux Roblominer? We have just the correct information to help you decide whether this is where you want to be.


Roblox has created quite a noise in the market, with people demanding more. It has evoked in gamers a desire to keep relishing the flow of offers and new perks with each game on the platform. You must learn more about the source mentioned here to explore these benefits. 

About Super Slices Robux Roblominer

This source produces Robux for those who want to check out each game available on Roblox and enjoy it to their heart’s content. As is apparent, anything that gets done repeatedly becomes monotonous. For recent updates and upgrades, free tokens are necessary to prevent the games from being so.


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With the help of this app, users can collect such tokens just by fulfilling some basic requirements, such as completing tasks. More specifically, they have to be excellent and acceptable at chopping as the game involves similar tasks, which can lead them to get rewards.


  • It is available on android
  • Produced by: Tattva Studio
  • Available on: Play Store
  • Date of release: 2020-11-12
  • Date of update: 2022-12-01
  • Number of Downloads: more than a million
  • Size of the file: 44.46 MB
  • Developer Email ID:


  • As mentioned above, you can fetch rewards for nothing, as you must have purchased from Roblox’s main account.
  • The Super Slices Robux Roblominer app is a verified source and is even available on trustable platforms such as the play store.
  • It is compatible with devices with an Android processor with more than Android 5.0.
  • Users have to compete in basic and straightforward tasks, which keeps it fun and uncomplicated for new visitors.


  • Even though many claim it to be interesting, the tasks can get exhausting after a point, as it has one specific game through which tokens can be collected.
  • Some users, being concerned with the privacy and safety of their devices, might defer from using any platform that is not verified by the primary sources, i.e., Roblox for Robux.
  • Super Slices Robux Roblominer is not compatible with all devices and only a few Android ones.

How to use the app?

Follow the method stated below are the method to use Super Slices Robux Roblominer:

  • Go to the Play Store and download the app.
  • Now open it and submit the details asked therein.
  • You shall be directed to the page where you must play the game of choosing the food items. 
  • Keep on holding on to the option to keep the game going 
  • The Robux you earn shall be sent to your main account as you clear a level. 

What are the users saying about it?

Let’s take a look at the positive responses:

  • One user remarked that it is one of the most “awesome” games she has ever played. She further stated that it is even more fun knowing that you get to get bonuses with each round.
  • Another one commented that she is happy and satisfied to finally find a platform that is entirely legit and does stand true to what it claims. She further expressed her joy over winning Robux.
  • One more user has expressed his desire to give the platform a 1000 score because of its legitimacy and for not asking the visitors to watch any random videos or scratch any random cards. 

Let’s review the negative remarks:

  • One user commented that even though the platform is efficient, it takes a lot of patience and time. Collecting the Robux is the most exhausting part of it all. 
  • Another one expressed her frustration that every time she metered her username, it showed that the page did not exist, which was quite exhausting. She further demanded that the bug be fixed at the earliest.
  • Some have even voiced their discontent with the constant ads displayed on their screens whenever they start a game. 

Is Super Slices Robux Roblominer app legit?


Considering our experience with the app and the data available, we can say with clarity that it is a 100% legit platform. Various factors have led us to this conclusion, and we have mentioned some of them below:

  • It has had more than a million downloads.
  • It is available on a trustworthy platform.
  • The makers of this app have provided their contact details and have even produced many other games.
  • It has received 3.9 stars from hundreds of users on Play Store, and most users have given it five stars.
  • The app has existed for almost two years, giving it enough time to establish its name and get users’ trust. 


Hence, Super Slices Robux Roblominer is an app that offers game tokens, namely Robux, without any charges and must be used by Roblox fans. Our review will assist you in taking the right step. We would like to know your response in the comments section below. 

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