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Enjoy all the latest sports entertainment on We are sure those well acquainted with the platform know how many advantages it can confer on sports enthusiasts. But some do not know what it is.

For those unfamiliar with the source, we have listed all the important information that will help them get some clarity. For further reference, you can go to the article below.


Advertisements is a free website that provides sports lovers with a space to view all their favorite games from all across the globe. The best part of this site is that it allows you to access all the most famous sports played in different countries.  Apart from that, unlike many other sources that require a subscription fee for providing the same access, this source does not demand so. Its only motto is to ensure that sports enthusiasts do not stay deprived of the amazing sources of entertainment out there due to geographical limitations. 

In the platform, all the games are categorized into different sections to make them feasible for viewers. It includes games such as NBA, NFL, MMA, Boxing, Formula 1, etc. 


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Is free?

As stated above, the source aims to provide sports lovers with a broad scope to watch and enjoy all the sports content. As a charge on the same would limit the audience and even make it an inaccessible platform for young people, it has kept its site free of all charges. Therefore, the fact that it is completely free has increased its popularity over the years, making it an alluring source for many. 

About the Streameast app and how it works?

Many users are well aware of the source but are unfamiliar with accessing their favorite content. We aim to shed light on every aspect of the site and how it works. To ensure you have full access to the content available, you need to adhere to the following steps:

  • Launch the main website, which will direct you to the main page.
  • On the page itself, you can find numerous content related to sports.
  • You can watch the previous matches or even live to stream any game being played in any corner of the globe by clicking “Live Streaming.”

How do you watch the Streameast Celtics NBA?


As stated above, each sport has its dedicated corner on the website. You must visit the NBA section mentioned in the toolbar for any NBA-related game. For further steps, refer to the below information:

  • After you land on the official page, you must go to the NBA category.
  • There, you can find three lists. One for results, streams, and schedules.
  • You can visit the streams and go through all the options available.
  • There, you can choose one that you want to view.

Streameast Celtics Reddit news

Many viewers want quick and easy updates about the game they want to watch. And one of the favorites of the viewers is the Celtics. When they play, all eyes remain on them. Watching the game continuously is sometimes impossible for some players. However, the platform is also available on Reddit, where users can protect the live show and get related information about it. Therefore, it is also a viable and trustworthy source for many. 

What happened to streameast?


Although the source has been of great importance and a source of joy and entertainment for users, the fact that it caters to users for free has become a major concern for many. Many channels feel it is illegal and unethical to steam their shows without permission.

Some steaming platforms demand money from the same sports. But with the rise of streameast, viewers now have a medium of accessing it all without worrying about financial constraints and conditions. Therefore, it all created a ruckus regarding it being an unauthorized source that might even be illegal in some places. 

Is working?

As per the information we have gathered and the details mentioned therein, the website seems illegitimate in many ways. Although it is easily accessible, there is no sign of any such mentions that can shed some light on whether it has been granted permission to stream such games. Therefore, we suggest our readers to practice caution before opting for it. We hope our review was helpful, and we await your feedback in the comments section below. 

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