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Ever gained Robux via You can charge your card and use it to get the rewards you want, all without charge. Once acquired, you can use it in the game Roblox. 

Roblox is gaining popularity these days due to its in-game stores, where there are multiple items for users to purchase and use, and players can have different types of games, clothes, etc. You will find it amazing after using it, as it is the most suitable place for players. 

Why does one use

The site helps gamers to achieve robux without costing anything. The user needs to charge their card, and once charged, they need to select the type of robux they want and use the card to get their selected robux.


At first, when you visit the, it will show a notification that can be skipped. Then the user can go to the Charge Card section, which asks for user information for the charging card. Once the card is charged with points, the gamers can use it to get robux.

Specification of the site

  • Cause– Generate robux for players without any charge associated with it.
  • Site Registered Date – Not found
  • Site Expiry Date – Not found
  • Contact – Not found
  • System Type – Available different systems support like Android, Apple, etc.
  • Ranges – Different numbers of benefits are available.
  • Email – Not found
  • Address – Not found
  • Country – Vietnam

Features of

Connectivity capability

It provides a platform that allows connection from different types of systems. It can be connected via mobile, XBox, or system. Different types of systems are supported by it.

Charging Cards

The website presents a feature where a card must first get charged with points. For this, it needs different information to be entered. Once the card is charged, this can be used to select any wheel to get the robux the players want.

Available in different Languages


For ease of the gamers, the site is available in different languages and presents its whole website in two different languages. The page first opens up in Vietnamese as this is a Vietnamese site. However, it allows users to open in the English language as well.

Getting Robux

Users can gain different types of robux they want. All that is required is to enter some information and get their cards charged with points sufficient to get robux. Once the card is charged, users can gain rewards by selecting the wheels of robux they want.

Pricing and getting robux on

  • At first, when a player visits the site, it shows a notification in Vietnamese. However, the user can skip this notification.
  • Next, the page shows two options: Charge card and top deposit T.4.
  • Here, users can select a Charge card and enter a few pieces of information such as select denomination, ID card and serial code.
  • Once the card is charged with the selected points, ensure enough to get the Robux to sum the one you need.
  • Users can then select any wheel of Robux they want and gain rewards without spending any cost.

User Opinions

We researched the site and could find little information from youtube. Other players have provided valuable information about the site. The players have verified that this site allows users to gain robux without any charge in exchange for little information.


Several opinions about the site through third parties with many user reviews are present. These positive reviews make a site stand out. Gamers can visit the other sites about the information for this site and gain confidence to check out the site.

There are numerous videos on youtube regarding the site; however, they are mostly in the Vietnamese language. However, we still urge our users to check it once, go through it, and decide on their own if they want to go down the path.

Support of Devices

The site can be accessed using different types of the sites such as System, Xbox, iOS, and Android. The page through the system and mobile appears the same, with only the alignment of the notification and information entry changing. 


The page first shows notifications on the system and mobile, which can be skipped. Then the charging card page needs entry from the users both on mobile and the system. The input boxes remain the same for all types of devices. Also, the wheels of robux remain the same for all the devices.


The site uses a secure connection. All that is required is a little information from users where. Users must keep an eye on and stay alert when providing personal information. Once the card is charged, they will be eligible to get the Robux from the wheel as per their selection.

Though there are positive reviews from other gamers, users can visit the site and proceed cautiously. We suggest our users proceed cautiously and beware of sharing extra information on the site.

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