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Are you a comic lover and have yet to use Then before going to this site, let us understand its functionality. Nevertheless, there are many questions that many of us have, because of which we refrained from exploring this site before even giving it a try directly. 

We have provided information in a manner that is structured in a uniform manner that gets easy for our audience to understand. We are here to answer all the speculations with facts so that it is easy to understand whether this is a one-stop destination for avid readers. 

What is 

This platform offers ample amounts of variety in novels and comics for those who love to invest their time in reading different genres. If you frequently like to explore different writers and types of stories, it has collected all of them in one platform. 


The website offers the latest comics to top picks on the homepage and lets the users decide what is best for them. The site briefly tagged all the comics and novels so the user can easily articulate the kind of theme it consists of. 

This site also collected different anime comics inspired by different tv shows. This is nothing extraordinary about it. Isn’t it? However, this site is much more than we discussed above. This site lets you download your comics which has 19.2 million visits. 

How to use it? 

After reading about this amazing site, we are sure our readers must wonder how to get started on Let us see!

  • The user must register to the official website from their mobile phone or desktop. 
  • The registration process starts when the user clicks “Sign up” on the homepage, available in the top right corner. 
  • After selecting that, the user can see a box where they have to put their necessary details like the Email address from which they want to access it and put a secured password. It will ask the user to put on the same password as it is in the “Confirm password” bar and click on Sign up. 
  • After completing registration, the user will receive mail in their registered mail.

The user is ready to explore his favorite journey through various comics and novels.

Is this platform safe to use

As per our research and from our own experience, this is a safe platform, as when we click on the url of, it directly takes you to the site’s homepage. It was registered on 2029-11-17, and the last update date was 2022.11.10. This site allows users to read their comics and novels and download them. This site asks the users to register in just a few simple steps, giving us a certain sense of authenticity. 

We have extended the research to understand best about this site, and it is available on many social media platforms like Instagram, Discord, YouTube and Pinterest, where the site owners have interacted with the users on many grounds. From this, we can understand that it is a legit site. 


Although we had not noticed user feedback on the official site, when we scrolled to the bottom of the page, we got social media icons where one can connect to their page directly. There are a few reviews available in it that talk about the efficacy of this site, from which we can state that it is a smooth platform that can be used without having to worry about any privacy and security protection. 

What is the alternate website? 

Our extensive research suggests a few sites similar to from which users can benefit. Let us have a look. 

  • luminousscans com
  • asurascans com
  • novelupdates com
  • toonily net
  • 1stkissmanga io
  • manganato com

What is the user’s feedback about this site? 

To entirely trust, let us look at what the users say about their experience. There is no user feedback available on the official website for which we had extended our research to social media platforms and public opinion forums from which we gathered that:


The users are happy with the website’s algorithm as it provides a video introduction at the bottom of the page to understand ‘how to use it”. This site is designed simply so anyone of any age can access it. 

The site does not only let you go through your favorite manga comics and novels, but it also lets the users download them. The users can not only go to the official website but can also download this and get to it. Read some exciting stories. The users appreciated the team to keep everything up to date. 

The negative feedback mostly talks about how the site has blocked many users permanently without any valid point, and no customer care details are available to contact them. Users tried to connect with them through social media sites but needed to be more responsive.


We suggest our audience try this platform and read the most amazing manga novels and comics without paying. We hope our review on is useful for you all. Drop feedback in the comment section below.

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