Rblxwild.com | How to get Robux, is it safe? [Nov-2023]


rblxwild.com is a platform that offers various benefits like Robux and redeems codes. But what is the process to earn that? Is it a safe website? Read the full article below.

We came across several websites claiming to distribute limitlessly or selected Robux. But this website is a bit different because it’s an open platform where one can connect with other players on discord and challenge. Let’s understand it in detail below.

About rblxwild.com


The website is dedicated to Roblox players and gives you a chance to earn uncounted Robux, but to get that, you have to participate in various battlegrounds. There are several types of games that you can play one-on-one or with bots, or in multiplayer mode.

In short, it’s a Robux trading site with millions of visitors daily. You can invest via PayPal, Visa, or crypto but remember you must be old enough to participate in this game. Like any other online trading site, this source gives a fair platform to risk and earn maximum Robux.

The popular games are:


One can join their Twitter or discord group for more discussion and updates. You can also get redeem codes which you can utilize during Roblox gameplay for instant benefits. You can also check out their leaderboards, where Big wins and Lucky wins are distributed accordingly.

How to get Robux from this website?


To get Robux, you can try out below given suggestions:

  • As we mentioned above that, rblxwild.com release promocodes per day on their Discord group and website. So, you can check it out there.
  • Play the game, no matter if it’s 1 vs. 1, 1vs Bot, or multiplayer 
  • An interesting Tip Rain function is given where an additional Robux will get add-up in Pot each time you tip. But to get there, you must be at least in Level 5 to compete.
  • You can also use affiliate code “RBLXWILD” to redeem R$100

What are the user reviews?

At first, we thought rblxwild.com was yet another Robux giveaway site that requires human verifications or surveys. Still, during our research, we found it’s a trading platform where players can trade their Robux or real money and win several Roblox prizes. 


There are several YouTube videos available, but when we visited its comment section, we found that most of the users complain about not getting Robux, the redeem codes are not working, or they cannot level up to get redeem the Robux. One of the users commented that he could collect 20k Robux, so should he use his main account to redeem or not?

Surprisingly, the YouTuber replied to them that it was not a scam, and he also used to play a lot and earned many times. 

Is the rblxwild.com safe platform?

After going through many comments and analyzing the website deeply, we can say it’s a suspicious site. We are not sure until we get any solid proof. However, a few comments show that they have received or earned a certain amount of Robux, which few faced issues during withdrawal.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to redeem skin?


You can withdraw it from the onsite store.

Not received Robux?

As per the website, during a P2P match, both players must have a sufficient balance or Robux. So that at the time of withdrawal from the winning side, it can be redeemed.

Is the website safe for users?

It’s a trading website, and many YouTubers have already made videos. But still, we will suggest playing safely and not sharing personal details.

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