Picrew me | Draw Any Avatar or Images (May 2023)


How about portraying your imagination digitally? Picrew me will help you to bring your creativity and develop your art. It is the best available application for kids.


Although, if you’re an adult and want to bring out your inner childhood, you can also try this app! It’s a Japanese app, so is it safe to use? Let’s find out more in detail.

About Picrew me

In 2017, TetraChroma.Inc, a Japanese company, launched Picrew, also famously known as Avatar making app. With this platform, one can draw any imagined character. It is straightforward to use. You can use the templates for help; there are several color combinations. Use image makers like Kisekae maker and random maker. 


Additionally, if you want to add body parts like eyebrows, shades, etc., you can upload them. Remember the website is in the Japanese language; move your cursor towards the URL box, and at the right corner, you will find a “Translate page” option, click that then the whole page will convert to the English language.

How to play Kisekae Maker?

As we mentioned, there are two types of Picrew me image makers. Kisekae is one of them; in this image maker template, Avatars are already uploaded; you just have to choose your liked one. 

  • Select a Male/Female character and proceed
  • You will be provided multiple options and gears to change your looks and makeup.
  • Like click the eye section, you will get a drop-down list full of several types of eyes
  • Similarly, for eyebrows, specs, tops, or other wearable gears
  • You can also choose your hairstyle and color them accordingly
  • After completion of the editing, you can take a preview, re-edit if required, or save or download it
  • The navigation controls are simple; you can increase/decrease or rotate clockwise/anticlockwise the size of any props.
  • If you want to redo it from the beginning, click on the reset button.

How to play Random Makers?


In this image maker, you can choose and select any of the preloaded random images provided by the application. You can draw the line, make a talkative character like in comics, or create a storyline by adding a series of pages.

Restriction from the usage of images?

Please read this complete information, because it contains the liability to use the generated or created images from this application which are:

  • If you use the generated images for affiliation or marketing, they will be considered for commercial use, which is not allowed.
  • This application allows kids to draw their imagination for educational purposes only.
  • You can sell the images.
  • Use of the images for service, earning a profit, or for any such events is not allowed
  • You can use the generated images outside the Picrew, but only the creators themselves. 
  • It can only be used for non-commercial use, even if you use it outside the website. But do not use it as the main content.

For more information on this, you can visit their official website or Twitter handles for more updates.


Hence, we hope you liked this informative article on Picrew, primarily for kids to grow their imaginations. It’s a safe website and can be used by any age group. Please let us know if we have untouched anything and your user experience in the comment below.

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