Purple Mattress Reviews | Read 100+ Feedbacks [May 2023]


Here’s an article about purple mattress reviews. We’ll provide you with all the information about this product. Read this article and choose whether you want to buy from purple. The purple website can provide many things like sheets, cushions, mattresses, etc.

About purple mattress


Everyone requires a good mattress at home to sleep well after a long, busy day. Purple is a website that sells products like mattresses, pillows, and sheets. There are other things to that purple sells. Many different companies sell mattresses, why should you opt for purple? 

The reason is that the purple website provides a gel flex grid mattress. This mattress is a 2 in one package. Firstly it gives the people who have back ache back support and a bit of stiffness, but at the same time, it provides you with softness too.


Purple brings you a grid mattress that supports your body and provides softness. There is some more quality of this mattress that it releases pressure from your body, and also, like other mattresses, it doesn’t trap body heat. 


  • Website – purple.com
  • Social media platforms include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest.
  • Contact – 1888-848-0248
  • Trial period – 100 nights free trial.
  • Shipping – Shipping is free 
  • Warranty – 10 years warranty 
  • Returns – free Returns 


  • The shipping on the products ordered from purple is free.
  • There’s a ten years warranty provided to the customers.
  • One hundred nights free trial is provided on the mattress for customers.
  • There are free Returns and exchanges.


  • The premium models of this website are expensive.
  • Mattress from purple needs to be lighter and bigger.
  • You have to buy new sheets as your normal sheets wouldn’t be able to cover this mattress.
  • The sheets that are used to cover these mattresses are expensive too.

What are purple mattress reviews?


Here are some positive and negative reviews about the purple mattress. We’ll show you both aspects of this product so you can have a clear view. 


  • Purple mattresses are very good in quality. Customers love the beds. 
  • Customers have reviewed that mattresses are very comfortable; therefore, whenever a customer goes on a vacation, he cannot sleep on other beds.
  • There was a customer who had chronic pain in his back. These mattresses were very useful for that customer.
  • Customers are very happy with the quality of the mattresses. It remains cool and doesn’t trap any body heat.


  • One customer had the worst experience. Purple should have delivered the product twice.
  • There’s a customer who has been using this mattress for three years. He can’t get out of bed as his body hurts so much.
  • Customer service could be more responsible. They have yet to inform the customers that the mattress they ordered has been out of stock and reached their address without the bed.
  • The delivery system of this website needs to be more organized.

Is the purple website legit?

We did all the research about this website, and we have concluded that the website is legit. Even the purple mattress reviews of the customers also support this statement. No suspicious activities are going on on this website. We suggest you buy mattresses from purple. There are mixed reviews about purple. And we have mentioned them, so this will give you a clear picture of this product. 



This article about purple mattress reviews has provided you with all the information about the website and its products. Even the overall reviews are also provided. Do read the reviews mentioned above. This article will help you in decision-making.

Thank you for making time to read it. Your opinions are very important to us. Please leave your thoughts below. 

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