Is Capital One Shopping legit | Read This Before? [May 2023]


Do you love shopping and are want to know whether is Capital One shopping legit or not? To cure every doubt, we have gathered everything you should know before investing a penny in this platform. 

Online Shopping is what today’s generation is going for as it is handy and can be done at any point of the hour without the need to travel. Nothing can be this handy However, all customers want is reasonable offers, sales, and the best deals.


Affordable and best products are challenging to find and require a lot of patience to search. That’s where Capital one’s come into play to do all sorts of comparisons to get you your best deal. 

What is Capital One Shopping? 

To understand how this site works, we need to understand what is the object of this website. This site has acquired customers’ appreciation as a money-saving medium that works effortlessly on prominent websites.

This provides the best deals to its customers by monitoring the best prices through an online search engine, which includes monitoring items and showing when it drops the price. It also provides couplings and rewards that come from exchanging with the credits of this platform.


This free browser extension will notify you when the item’s price is at its best which comes through comparing different retailers. This platform uses big websites like eBay, Sephora, Nike, Amazon, and many more. 

Since this site has come into play, customers who shop daily have added this extension to their browser, and from that, we can understand that this clears our doubts regarding “Is Capital one Shopping legit or not”. 


  • Customer care: 24/7
  • Phone number: 1-888-464-7868
  • Email:
  • Address: Capital One, Attn: General Correspondence, PO Box 30285, UT
  • Coupon codes created Automatically: Those who shop daily search for codes that make them shop and earn. Finding one coupon code suffice it all and finding it can be exhausting. No worries! You can check this out yourself. The credits apply to the items automatically where it works. 
  • Price Drop screening: It is pretty much a task to compare prices of one item on different platforms. It might not be possible for a human, but that is it! It is possible for Capital one. Customers can do it by adding their products to the cart, and the browser extension will monitor the price and show you which platform has the most significant deal—such a hassle-free solution to your problem. 
  • Deals that are trending: The homepage of this website shows the latest discounts from various stores. You can see the “offers” and the “deals” that allow you to earn shopping credits and discounts for various products.
  • Social media platforms: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube


  • The most amazing thing that customers enjoy the most about this platform that it provides bonuses to its users that apply on their own to specific items. 
  • After gathering all the credits, they can be used as online gift cards for big retailers and many more. 
  • The product can view among different products from different retailers, including shipping, tax and coupons shown on the displayed price. 


  • U.S address is required to be used for the shipping from this website. 
  • The credits cannot be utilised on any big different platforms like Amazon
  • Gifts that you want cannot be availed. Only the gifts.

What are the customer reviews?

To clear the queries regarding is Capital One Shopping legit, we have tracked what customers need to say about this platform.


One customer stated that this is an awesome browser extension that gives the customer the best and most affordable products and lets you save money to a great extent not just. This platform has helped many to redeem ‘shopping credits,’ which can be earned by purchasing from different merchants.

A customer stated that this is not only great to know exclusive deals but offers incredible price deals compared to other available options. It is easy to use and works directly on your browser, where you do not need to switch between a shopping site and a whole new site. 

We could see very few reviews that go against the website, saying it does not show the highest rewards or the best coupon codes. It also says that the deals only show up on the last day when they have limited time to expire. 

Is Capital One Shopping legit?


According to our knowledge, this is an excellent website that can be your medium to do the best Shopping that helps in saving money simultaneously. It offers customers multiple ways, including price comparison and many more features. It gives a customer exclusive deal, which is not worth it if you loss on them it’s not worth it.

This also takes care of users’ privacy protection. Like many other platforms, it asks for email access, which helps scan the receipts in your inbox, which does not have access to all of your emails but is limited to retailers and merchants. 


As per our findings, there is zero harm included in trying this platform. It offers the best, as given above in the article. The customers must try this price comparing browser extensions and save their money. We hope the information clears all your worries regarding is Capital One Shopping legit or not. For any queries, please write to us in the comment section below. 

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