Prodentim Scam | Public Opinion, Pros & Cons [May 2023]

Are you bothered by the question, is Prodentim scam? If you are, then you have reached the right place. We can help you clear your doubts and get a conclusion by providing you with all the necessary information regarding the product.

Many of you must know that Prodentim is a health supplement primarily manufactured to keep your teeth and mouth healthy. It claims to be one of the best products to help you fight against all sorts of dental issues.

About Prodentim


As mentioned above, these can be referred to as dietary supplements that help provide the ultimate dental care that one needs to fight against tooth decay, diseases of the gum, and other problems that arise as a side effect of various adulterated dental products available in the market. These are available in the form of capsules in the market and online.

Its ingredients make it efficient in maintaining the balance of good and bad bacteria inside one’s mouth. This process helps facilitate the overall health and goodness of one’s mouth. It makes one feel good internally and makes one’s teeth look good externally.

  • Purpose: Taking care of oral hygiene
  • Forms: Capsule
  • Name of the brand: S.O Labs
  • Weight of the bottle: 1.76 ounces exactly
  • Manufactured by: Lightning Labs
  • Number of capsules in each bottle: Thirty capsules
  • Cost of the products: For 6 bottles -$49 for each, 3 bottles – $59 for each, 1 bottle- $69
  • Money back within sixty days assured 
  • Free shipping is available on each order.
  • Shipping Details:


Countries Charges for Shipping   Time of Shipping   
Canada  15.95 Dollars   Ten to Fifteen weekdays   
Ireland And the United Kingdom   15.95 Dollars   Ten to Fifteen weekdays   
United States of America Free of Cost  Five to Seven weekdays   
 New Zealand and Australia   15.95 Dollars   Ten to Fifteen weekdays   
  • Contact number: For Toll-free- 1-800-390-6035; For International- +1 208-345-4245
  • Email ID: contact(at)prodentim-product(dot)com
  • Social media platforms: Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest
  • Shopping platform: Amazon

Benefits of the supplement

  • It has an abundance of probiotics as well as nutrients that are responsible for the creation of good bacteria in the mouth, which keep it healthy.
  • They keep the gum and the teeth healthy and happy.
  • It is also known for aiding in keeping the sinus relaxed and free. 
  • The presence of good and bad bacteria in the mouth is maintained and balanced.
  • This product can even help in keeping the respiratory systems in check.
  • The immunities present in the body can even improve by using it.
  • Those who struggle with inflammation can also get some relief by using it.
  • The product is also widely known for its efficiency in improving the digestive system.
  • One can even relieve stomach aches and bloating with its use.
  • The product can also be beneficial in keeping urinary tract health in check. 
  • It is created out of natural ingredients, which answers whether it is a Prodentim scam.
  • It does not contain any harmful gluten that can affect one’s health.
  • This product neither contains any stimulants nor permits one to adopt it as a habit.
  • You can use them with utmost ease and convenience as they are taken orally. 

Limitations of the supplement

  • As mentioned on its official website, the product might have been manufactured in an FDA-approved unit. Still, the claims that the product made is not verified by the FDA, which raises the question, is Prodentim scam?
  • It is not meant for customers who are already undergoing treatment for some other diseases and need a physician’s authorization.
  • Some people might be reluctant to take medications as there are a lot of stigmas surrounding health supplement capsules in general.

What are the customers saying about Prodentim?


As the product is sold on its official website and on Amazon, thousands of customers have checked it out and have even shared their feedback. We have gathered all the negative and positive responses on each platform and summed them up here to better understand our readers. 

Let’s review the positive responses:

  • A customer from the user has stated that she used to be very worried about her oral health and whether she was taking proper care, but now with Prodentim, she has been satisfied with her dental regime.
  • Another customer from Florida has mentioned that this item was suggested to her by her dentist and that she is thankful for it.
  • Someone else commented that she is no longer concerned about her teeth and gums, as Prodentim has taken care of them.
  • One more customer praised the product as it helped her get rid of her unbearable gum pain and helped the way foods she previously couldn’t.

Let’s take a look at the negative remarks:

  • Some customers have shown their disappointment with the form it’s available and their discontent with using capsules.
  • Others have called it a scam and said that even though the advertisement presented it as a gel or chewable, it is a capsule that needs to be taken orally.

Despite the good and bad reviews it has garnered, the product has received three stars from four hundred and forty-three customers all over the globe. On its official website, it has received a whopping five stars from reviews by more than 95,000 customers. 

Is Prodentim scam?


After reviewing all the available data about the product and using it, we concluded that it is legit. There are several comments public on its official page as well as on Amazon that testify to its effectiveness. It has efficiently catered to the users’ needs and has stood steadfast to its claims. 

Various customers have also mentioned it on its official page, shopping websites, and social media handles, and dentists even suggest the product for better dental health. Therefore, it is a purely authentic item.

Conclusion Hence, Prodentim is a highly compelling and legitimate product that has satisfied the demands of hundreds of customers. We hope we have adequately presented all the details and hope to see you in the comments below. 

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