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Payingsocialmedia jobs is an online way to earn. But is payingsocialmediajobs legit? There are several such options available but most of them are fake, let’s check this one whether it is safe or not.

Ever wondered about a platform that has accumulated small jobs for you that require a working device and internet connection to be done, and the best part is that it also makes you financially independent? We want our readers to be protected from such sites or try them without going through the details we have gathered for them. We do research and provide facts free from all biases. 


If you are a workaholic but cannot find a job that can be done besides your main work, then this site has come to the rescue because it has listed all the jobs one can do from the comfort of their home. However, it does not require more skills to get you started. Anyone can benefit from it, and here is how? 

What is payingsocialmediajobs?

This site provides jobs to engage a person in online activities like managing customers and clients, creating an advertisement, creating content, Blogging, liking and commenting, increasing followers and all such online activities that only require a few skills.


It does let you job from it, because of which many still questions are payingsocialmediajobs legit or is it a scam? Many people look forward to such platforms like the one we are talking about here, which requires zero work experience through which they can make money.

The site will require you to ask a few critical questions about yourself, after which you will have plenty of jobs on your platter to explore. To start on your journey, you need to take the subscriptions, after which all the formalities are required to be done. 


  • Purpose: A platform for job opportunities
  • Date of the commencement of the website:2020-04-03
  • Date of the expiration: 2024-04-03
  • Date of its update: 2023-03-06
  • Social media platforms: Facebook, LinkedIn 
  • Email address: not found 

How to use this website to get a job? 


We know our readers are interested, and to understand if payingsocialmediajobs legit or its is not, we have logged into the site through the following steps: 

  • The user must have a mobile phone or a desktop with an internet connection. From their browser, they need to visit the official platform. 
  • As soon they go to the platform, there will be a flash message on the screen that says, “We are hiring! Get yourself registered,” after which the user must put up their email address and create a strong password.
  • The credentials will be sent to the email address, after which the user is ready to start. 
  • The platform will ask the users certain basic questions. After answering them, they have to take the subscriptions. 
  • There will be a job notification showing on the screen that will be listed accordingly that suits you the best. You are all set to get financially stable. 


  • The pandemic has taught us to work from home efficiently; many are still looking for jobs remotely. However, many still need to wonder if payingsocialmediajobs are legit or not.
  • It asks the registered users basic questions based on which it provides job notifications. 
  • There is no time limit on when one can use this site. It can be accessed at any point in time. 
  • The jobs are simple and do not require many skills. 
  • It does not ask users to have work experience. Someone in school can also apply for jobs. 


  • Many users wonder if payingsocialmediajobs legit or not because it asks users to pay to get themselves started when it is an online job platform. 
  • There are many jobs listed that do not only pay after hiring. 
  • The employers need to reply to the applications.
  • It has no links or contact details available where one can contact if they get into any scam.

What is the user’s review? 

To understand if payingsocialmediajobs is legit, we got into the official account and social media platforms, but we noticed the official site needs to have reviews listed in it. 


The social media platforms like Facebook have below 300 followers and no reviews listed. After this, we extended our research to public opinion forums like Trust and Pilot, from which we understood that this site is untrustworthy and that many users have negative experiences.

  • One user named Rizwan Yousof has stated that the site offers unrealistic benefits like very high income with just a few tasks.
  • Many users have complained that Payingsocialmediajobs asks users to spend finance to take training and courses to get the highest paying jobs. 

Is payingsocialmediajobs legit? 

As stated above, we advise our readers to refrain from using this website as there are no reviews on the legitimate site. Many have yet to discover this platform in a time of high demand for work from home. Social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook have very few followers; even job posts look like a scam to us. 


We advise our readers to refrain from such sites that make tall claims without knowing their legitimacy. We hope our review on payingsocialmediajobs legit is worth giving a read. Drop your feedback in the comment section below, and remember to rate us.

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