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Those looking for prepaid plans and want to know, “is legit” can do so by going through our article, wherein we have mentioned all the necessary details to make the right call. You can avail of the most profitable plans at a very convenient speed. 


However, there is more to metro-tmo than the functions mentioned above. To get a deeper understanding of it, we have prepared a well-researched article for our readers.


The question still haunts many customers aware of these plans: Is legit? To know that, it is essential to develop an understanding of its key features. With the help.Users can enjoy using 5G services added with the brilliance of T-Mobile networks. 


With a suitable device, users can get 5G without getting charged anything extra. However, it requires a device that is compatible with the metro sim. It even allows users to switch to better phones but keep the number they previously used, even if they opt for Metro sims. 


  • Purpose: 5G network provider
  • Compatible phones: Selected! iPhone, Samsung, Motorola, L.G.
  • Plans for cell phone: $40 per month-; Unlimited prepaid ($10 exclusively for Affordable Connectivity Program), $50 per month- Unlimited prepaid ($20 primarily for Affordable Connectivity Program users), $60 per month – Unlimited prepaid ($30 per month, especially for Affordable Connectivity Program users)
  • $25 per line
  • 20$ discount on lines available at the store.
  • 5 G.B. high-speed data per line available at $30
  • Device-specific data plans are available.
  • Home internet plans available
  • Free activation is available for online users. 
  • Two-day shipping period
  • Limited time offer: iPhone gift (currently available)
  • ViX+ subscribing for one year
  • App available
  • Contact: 888-8-METRO-8; 888-8-METRO-8; 1-800-316-2075
  • T-Mobile MONEY contact: 18666869358; 14147516700(Outside US)
  • T-Mobile wireless account:
  • E-mail ID: not available
  • Address: T‑Mobile Customer Relations, P.O. Box 37380, Albuquerque, NM 87176-7380
  • Social media handles: Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook


  • Users who opt for a T-mobile network get 5G services for compatible phones at a much faster speed.
  • Various unlimited packages are available at cost-effective prices for several devices. 
  • One can even avail of different discounts if they avail of the services by visiting the store with their phones.
  • Those who wish to switch to a better phone or one that gives access to 5G services can do so by visiting this site.
  • They even offer activation for free on specific gadgets such as the NORD N200.
  • Users can even get 5G for their homes in specific areas, as mentioned by the service providers, at high speed.
  • They also have plans, such as the 4G LTE one, for users who are ineligible to avail of the 5G services.
  • Users can visit their website to check their eligibility for a connection they wish to take, as they have provided all the information therein.
  • You can get access to live streaming platforms such as ViX+ for more than a year when you settle for a T-mobile network.
  • Those houses that are deemed eligible can even get not only unlimited data but also calls and texts at only $30 per month with Affordable Connectivity Program.
  • Users who download the T-Mobile app can avail the perks and benefits such as exclusive deals on entertainment, gas, etc. 
  • Online banking services can also be simplified with the use of T-mobile MONEY.
  • Users from all over the globe can avail the benefits of this network at affordable prices. 
  • When you opt for this network, you can also get to enjoy the benefits of 100 GB storage on the cloud, backup services, and benefits for extra members with Google one.
  • You would also not be getting a lot of scam calls with the protection that T-Mobile networks offers, which further answers the question, “is legit?”


  • Users must choose a device compatible with the T-Mobile networks and their services.
  • The 5G networks are only available in some areas.
  • Users can avail of specific discounts only if they visit the store, which puts online users at a disadvantage.
  • The free-of-cost activation of networks is only available on specific gadgets and not for all, which are vital details to determine whether “is legit?”
  • Apart from the discount, those who even wish to keep their previous number have to visit the store as mentioned on the website, which puts online users at a disadvantage again. 

What do the users have to say about it?


To find answers to the question, is legit? We must first know what the users say about the network and its services. As there was no feedback available on their official website, we had to visit their social media platforms to gather all the essential information, and we have presented those here in an organized manner:

Positive feedbacks:

  • Some customers have appreciated the offers and services provided by the brand.
  • Another user has commented that she is in love with all of the features offered by the service.
  • Many users have appreciated it as saying “excellent” or “very good.” 
  • Some users have enjoyed its limited offer of providing mobiles such as iPhones and Nords.
  • Some users have also enjoyed the 5G services and their speed.

Negative feedbacks:

  • There have been various complaints regarding the customer service and their rude behavior with people.
  • Some have even commented that they faced issues while activating their new numbers, and some still need to get started after days.
  • One user even suggested users not go for the hotspot as, according to him, it was the worst service ever provided by them.
  • A few customers have even shown such discontent with the stores and their services that they have inquired about the procedure for filing complaints.
  • Another customer mentioned that even though it has been a few days since he opted for the top-up, it ran out quite quickly. 

Is legit?

There have been several users who have expressed their genuine concerns regarding the authenticity of the service provider. Therefore, we put an end to it all by conducting thorough research on the services. We even used it to know clearly whether it works. Thus, considering our detailed study and experience with the service provider, it is a legitimate network provider.


Various proofs served as testimonials and led to our conclusion. These are as given below:

  • Their stores are located in multiple places, and customers can visit them anytime.
  • Their website contains all the contact details through which users can get in touch with them.
  • You can find their pages on almost all major social media platforms where they actively interact with users. 
  • Even though there have been many complaints, they have successfully delivered what they claimed.


Even though the question is legit has haunted users for a long time now, the fact that it is true to its claims and has established itself as an efficient 5G network provider cannot be denied. We suggest our readers opt for it if they desire so. Our article must have been of help, and we await your suggestions and feedback in the comments section below. 

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