Is Coffee Break Loans Legit? 50+ Users Reviews [July 2023]


Does the question, are Coffee break loans legit, worry you too? If so, our article can help you find all the answers to your questions and doubts. We have assimilated all the data available and provided them to you for a better understanding.


To begin with, it is essential to remark that coffee break loans endeavors to extend a helping hand to all those in need of instant money. They have tried to simplify the complicated process of lending and borrowing.

About Coffee break loans

Coffee break loans are entrusted with providing an accessible and straightforward way of getting some money when the need for it arises. All that the borrowers have to do is visit their website and enter their data into the server.


Likewise, lenders willing to participate in the process can register as the same. Their main task is to look ok for borrowers they find eligible to be trusted with a loan. After complete verification, they proceed on ahead with the lending process.


  • Purpose: Money borrowing and lending site.
  • SSL security provided
  • Loans starting from $500 onwards
  • Enrollment is required for lenders and borrower
  • Contact details: not available
  • Email-id:
  • Address: Customer Acquisition LLC, Springates Building, Lower Government Road, Charlestown, Saint Kitts, and Nevis
  • Social media handles: Not available


  • Those who need money can skip a lengthy or taxing process to get it, as they can avail of it from the said website. 
  • Lenders associated with it grant loans after thoroughly assessing the borrower details.
  • The borrower receives a detailed overview of all the necessary information while taking a loan.
  • They even let the borrower get in touch with the lender directly and clear all the doubts.
  • People can avail of loans starting from five hundred dollars.
  • They have also eliminated the need for a lot of paperwork that goes into getting a loan approved.
  • They provide the utmost safety and security to the users enrolled with the site, which further answers the question of whether it is coffee break loans legit or not?
  • The site has even provided a list of criteria most lenders look for while granting a loan to prepare the borrowers beforehand.
  • The amount released from the lender’s side gets deposited in the borrower’s bank account.
  • Those who want to repay the loan on time can do so by activating the auto repayment option. 


  • People often need more support to trust sources that offer a guarantee when it comes to financial matters.
  • Like banks, people might find it challenging to trust lenders they have never met or are not authorized by the State.
  • Even though a list of eligibility criteria for a loan has been provided on the site, it might not help as one lender differs from the other.
  • There are chances of a borrower getting exploited under such a loan-providing process, as lenders could demand a higher interest rate, and their actions might be unsupervised.
  • You cannot find any customer service, nor is the platform available on any social media page, wherein you can get in touch with them and know more about their success rate.

What do the customers have to say about it?

As mentioned above, there need to be more customer testimonials on the website, which has raised questions such as is coffee break loans legit. Apart from that, there are also no social media pages handled by this site, which could have offered a little peek into the user’s experience with the platform.


It has kept the functionality and authenticity of the site in the shadows. Customer or user testimonials could have served as a motivating factor for other users to join the bandwagon. It could have been a potential form of advertisement. 

Is Coffee break loans legit?

Based on our investigation of the website and our experience with it, even though the whole purpose of the site is to act as a medium between the lender and the borrower, it cannot be trusted. For example, a borrower may find it challenging to strike a deal or to get financially involved with strangers they meet on this site. Furthermore, no contact details are provided on the page through which users could have reached out to them.


The company’s address has been given here, and the website might be actual. But its efficiency and truthfulness to what it claims to remain a mystery to first-time users. Therefore, we suggest our readers stay away from such sources.


Thus, we hope that the answer to the question of is coffee break loans legit is now clear. It cannot be considered legit even though it offers easy access to loans. We hope our review was enlightening. Please drop your remarks regarding it in the comments section below. 

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