Website Legit – Read Before Buy? [2024]


Is website legit? Kickjordan is an e-commerce shop with a variety of sneakers. Customers admired the quality product at an affordable price. But few shoppers’ complaint about its return policy. as per only 18% positive reviews 82% negative reviews.


We have broken down those barriers and helped customers reach a decision. This entails analyzing the site for important aspects and features and bringing to light each elaborately.


Kickjordan is a brand that every sneaker lover is aware of. It has created a mark on the shoe industry. The website being talked about here deals with sneakers of this brand. Per the description, it provides high-quality products to all who visit. It even offers those products that are rarely available in the market.


Another goal of theirs is to make each product cost-effective, which most Jordans need to do. They even promise to make the most premium available, not limited to the rich. It has a very simple structure which keeps the site accessible to all. But there remains some uncertainty that has made customers raise the question, “Is the website legit?”

What are the specifications?

  • Purpose: To make Jordans available to all those customers who wish to avail the luxury brand 
  • Date of registration:2023-01-09
  • Date of expiration: 2024-01-09
  • Date of last update: 2023-01-09
  • Products: Types of Air Jordans 
  • 50% discount offered on the site
  • Delivery Period: 7 to 12 days 
  • Return accepted within seven days
  • Contact number: +1 3362688890
  • WhatsApp Number: +85363410676
  • Email ID:
  • Address: 3513 Hillview Street, Charlotte, SC 28202, U.S.A
  • Working hours: Available from Monday to Friday.
  • Timing: 8 AM to 10 PM
  • Social media: No links found


  • It gives you free access to kick Jordans that are less easily available in the market.
  • You can even avail of the newly introduced ones that are rarely available.
  • The cost of each product is at a lower end than many luxury items are. It maintains prices at a level that is feasible for all.
  • The website segregates the sneakers into different categories, making them easy to navigate and select.
  • You can even contact the site for any product or delivery questions.
  • The shipping time, even to the major locations, could be longer. This major factor helps answer the question: is the website legit? 
  • You can even locate the option to track orders to know their exact location and, by it, estimate the delivery time.


  • It does not allow customers to return with ease. In other words, customers must get the order picked up and shipped. They even have to provide the shipping details for the same.
  • There are no social media links that can facilitate communication between the buyer and the seller with ease.
  • Being a luxury brand, many people would need help to trust the low prices at which the shoes are available. This has also played a vital role in making people “question, is the website legit?”

What do users have to say about it?


Considering the concerns and speculations surrounding the website, we have brought all the aspects proving whether it is legit or a scam. This can only be proven through user feedback. We tried to gather a few, but there are few reviews. It took a lot of work to locate a few.

We even have a detailed look into the public discussion forums, but there has yet to be any such information. However, third-party websites have tried to shed light on the same. More than 50% of these reviews have remarked that it is an illegitimate shop. 

Is the website legit?


After carefully analyzing all the facts and details available, we can state that it is not authentic. Although the site functions well and has all the attributes of a professional website, we cannot trust the quality of products one may receive. The contact details will only be useful if one can connect through it. The return policy is also very troubling, which many users would find unacceptable.


Hence, the verdict is that it is an illegitimate shop. Customers should refrain from venturing into it, let alone placing an order. We hope our review was of help, and we await your comments in the comments section below. 

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