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Advertisements is an online Robux provider platform, users can use it multiple times, but they have to follow a few steps to redeem. Go through all the given steps below.


There are many Robux producer platforms, but most are useless and not working. Usually, such sites are created for marketing and advertising purposes, although it is true that few such platforms do deliver Robux for free. In this article, we will discuss it and let you know what the players say about

What is


As mentioned above, Buxfast .com is a free Robux generator website that allows users to redeem as many rewards as possible. The process is simple and easy to use. It is compatible with both Android/iOS and MS operating systems. The website is created in Roblox theme, where you will find many screenshots posted by visitors as proof.


However, we can only be sure that some of the available reviews and screenshots are from the real winners.


  2. Registered On:2023-06-19
  3. Expires On:2024-06-19
  4. Updated On:2023-06-19
  5. Contacts: Not Working

What are the steps to collect Robux?

  • Visit the official website.
  • Enter the profile username and choose the operating platform, e.g., Android/iOS, Windows, macOS, or Xbox One.
  • Then a drop-down box will open where you have to select the quantity of Robux, which is from 10k to 70k at a single turn.
  • After that, the click continues, and a processing screen will run and generate the Robux.
  • You will see a message mentioning to take the final step to unlock the generated rewards. For that, you have to take random tasks like downloading given applications or watching full advertisement videos.
  • Thats it! Now you can transfer the collected Robux to your provided username, Roblox profile.

Buxfast YouTube Channel

  • We extensively researched its YouTube channel and found that the channel owner has removed all the uploaded tips and guides on collecting Robux by using the website.
  • Earlier, via deep verification, we found some earlier uploaded videos where many users also commented on how they received Robux.
  • But few also mentioned that they have yet to receive the Robux after completing the survey.
  • So now, as the channel is not working, you can also check out other such Robux websites that we have reviews on.

Is the website working?


A few months back, the website was working, but due to some issues, they closed the platform and are not sourcing Robux. Most of the time, random advertisers buy Robux in bulk and distribute them for marketing. If you take the survey, they reward users in return. But when the Robux got exhausted, they generally pulled off the website.

Are there any user reviews available?

As we mentioned in the above section, a few relevant videos were available earlier where visitors’ comments were present. Still, as the videos were removed, no such comments or reviews are available to verify the truth.

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