Is Wesponsored Legit? Reviews and Complaints (2024)


In this article, we will see – is wesponsored legit or not. How would it be if someone approached you with top brands that would give you products to try and that would help you become an influencer? Let us see what this website provides services to its users.


We will see the procedure for how you can use the app and what are the advantages and disadvantages of using this website. The article will also cover the analysis of the reviews given by the users. In this article, we will even look into the website’s legitimacy. So, let us begin.

What is

It is a platform that allows its users to become influencers, and the products are given for free, and the users need to sign up before initiating the process. The users are even given the chance to create content through this website.


Is wesponsored legit? Before we find the answer, let us see what procedure the users need to follow to become an influencer for various brands.

How to use it?

  • Ensure that the device you’re using has a proper net connection.
  • Open your browser and go to the website.
  • You can even install the app via Apple Store.
  • The first step is for users to sign up, which will take around 30 seconds.
  • Every week, campaigns are added, and the users need to join them.
  • Products for free of cost are sent by brand post, which the users shall create the content.
  • The users then need to campaign, and after the campaigning is over, the payment is made to the users.


  • Email – you can mail them to An alternate email is also given – 
  • Contact Number – 8009525210 and an alternate number is also given on the website.
  • Installation – you can install the app on Apple Play Store.
  • Social Media – the website is currently available and active on Instagram.
  • Privacy Policy – the website’s owner last updated their privacy policy on April 12th, 2020. The privacy policy explains what kind of information is used and the rights that the users have.
  • Terms of Use – on April 12th, 2020, the site’s owners updated the terms of use and other information like the IP rights, the age for using the site, etc.
  • Bonus payment – the users can get bonus payment if their content is impressive and significant.
  • Address – the address given on the website is – Sacramento, California.

Let us see the pros and cons before we find out – is wesponsored legit?


  • The users on this website need not pay any amount; they can get paid provided they create good content.
  • Bonus payment is also given to the users.
  • The website even offers free products to users, like headphones, jewelry, etc.
  • The process to be followed for using this website is very easy.
  • Users can contact the website via mail and even on social media platforms – Instagram.
  • You can even get them by visiting them at the address provided or dialing the numbers.


  • The app can be installed only by Apple users as they can install it only through the Apple store.
  • Users below 13 years are prohibited from using this site; their account shall be suspended if found.
  • If, for any reason, your account gets suspended or terminated, you are prevented from creating another account in the same name.

Is legit?


We have researched to find out whether the website is legit, and according to that, we found that the website provides all the necessary information like contact details, address, terms of use, etc.

They even have around 19k followers and are active on Instagram. However, there were mixed reviews found for the website. Hence, the website may or may not be legit.

What are the reviews and complaints?

Positive Reviews

  • A user gave a 5-star rating and appreciated the easy sign-in process.
  • Another user also showed a similar rating and found the app user-friendly.
  • A user commented on their posts and reviewed that it’s a great platform.
  • Another user also gave five stars and said he had been using it for a while and liked it.
  • A user who used it for five months also appreciated how it serves as a platform to become an influencer.

Negative Reviews

  • A user gave only one star and said that it keeps crashing.
  • Another user gave two stars and said it was a waste of time.
  • A user commented on their posts and said he got nothing after following the steps.
  • Another user said that the team is non-responsive.
  • A user reviewed that they never sponsor.



In this article, we have seen that some found the website user-friendly, whereas others did not like it. Hence, there are mixed reviews about this site. Is wesponsored legit – it may or may not be legit.

We hope you can gain helpful insight from this article, please give us your feedback.

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