Arianne Jewelry Legit – Reviews and Complaints (Aug. 2023)


Is Arianne Jewelry legit or not? It is an online jewelry store that sells different types of uniquely designed jewelry. But is this the right store for you to buy jewelry online?

We will see the specifications of this e-commerce store and look into the different products the users can purchase. The pros and cons will also be analyzed, along with the reviews that the users gave. We shall also look into the website’s legitimacy, so let us begin.



It is an online store that sells jewelry and is a U.S.-based company. Three women started it. The main reason that led to the formation of this store was to provide users with jewelry that is cheap and affordable, unlike other products that are generally very expensive. They are offering a 75% discount + Free Shipping on all orders.

Before we find out about Arianne jewelry legit or not, let us see what all types of jewelry they sell – 

  • Earrings – they have earrings of different shapes, the prices of which are mentioned below the product.
  • Necklaces – you can even buy necklaces on this website; a few are sold out. You can get personalized necklaces too.
  • Bracelets – users can purchase bracelets of different types on this website. You can even get initial bracelets.
  • Rings vary from simple ones to diamond shapes or heart shapes.


  • Email id:
  • Contact Number: +3108071524.
  • Address: 4804 Laurel Canyon Boulevard, #813, Los Angeles, California 91607, United States.
  • Payment: users can pay for the products purchased online through Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc.
  • Refund Policy: the customers can get a full refund on the products, provided they were damaged or defective.
  • Return policy: according to their return policy, you can return only within 30 days of its purchase.
  • Shipping Policy: the orders are shipped in 2 to 5 business days, but due to the pandemic, it is from 3 to 7 business days.
  • Privacy Policy: the privacy policy on the website explains the customers’ rights regarding marketing, among other things.
  • Social Media: Not available.


  • Apart from regular jewelry, you can even get personalized jewelry from here.
  • 75% discounts with Free Shipping available.
  • Customers can receive a refund of the entire amount if they get a damaged item.
  • The website also provides jewelry care that advises users to use the products for a long time.
  • You can buy items in different currencies and through various online payments.


  • Delivery delays.
  • According to their return policy, only the original products can be returned, not the items exchanged.
  • Certain products are sold out, and whether they will be restocked is still being determined. 

Is Arianne jewelry legit?


We have researched the same, and we found that the website’s products have reviews from users that show that it is an actual website as they received the item. Moreover, they even gave their contact number, address, and other relevant information like the shipping and privacy policies. 

But tracing some valid points like user reviews, customer satisfaction, and ratings shows that the website needs to work on them and may put them under the category of suspicious webpage. They have another website named Shoponariannejewelers(dot)com, which is identical to Ariannejewelery(dot)com.

What are the user reviews and complaints?

Positive Reviews

  • A user gave 5 stars and said that she ordered rings and liked them, but the ratings seem suspicious.

Unfortunately, there weren’t any other positive reviews about the store.

Negative Reviews

  • One user has given said he didn’t receive his order.
  • Another user gave only 1-star and stated that he still needs to receive his order despite paying.
  • Another complaint was that the product got tarnished within a month, and the customer service was unresponsive
  • Another user gave only one star and said the stone fell off within 10 days of receiving the item.


Thus, for the question of whether Arianne Jewelry legit, it has been found that the company does deliver items, but the ones they provide often need to be in better condition, according to the reviews. There were other reviews where the users stated they never got their order.


Hence, we can conclude that though the website might be suspicious, they either don’t deliver them or the users were unsatisfied with the received items. So, we suggest our readers prefer any other legit platform for shopping.

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