Is Tutorspark Legit or Not ? Check Out Reviews [2023]


Here is the answer on whether is Tutorspark legit or not? This is a website where you can get physical or online training for different subjects. Before we proceed to find out whether it is legitimate or not, let us see what this website has to offer us.


As soon as you open their website, you can either sign up or sign and start using the website. You can become a tutor using their website. Currently, they have more than six thousand active tutors.

What is Tutorspark?

Found by Dr. Joseph, Tutorspark is a website where you can find tutors who can tutor you in any subject that you choose. They are a community of tutors who will share their passion and knowledge with you. 


But is Tutorspark legit? We shall look into it. Their community comprises mentors, tutors, coaches, etc., who shall aid and guide you in your chosen subject. The process for finding your tutor is also explained on their website. Let us look more into their website.


  • Founder – Dr. Joseph
  • Email –
  • Contact Number – not given
  • Social Media – Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn
  • Privacy Policy – given on their website.
  • Account Revocation Policy – the website shall have the authority to revoke or suspend your account for any reason.
  • Service available – Not only can you find a tutor, but you can become one too by signing up on their website.
  • Subjects – there are 1000 plus subjects from which you can choose to get yourself tutored.
  • Refund Policy – they don’t have a refund policy.

About the question you must still ponder – is Tutorspark legit? You will have your answer very soon.


  • It is a dual advantage for any person using this website as you can find a tutor and you can become a tutor too
  • They have a wide range of subjects from which you can choose to get tutoring
  • A simple procedure has been explained for finding a tutor
  • You also have the chance to compare the tutors to find out who is the right tutor for you
  • You can even message your tutor, and you can have a meeting at your convenience
  • There are no hidden costs while you use their services
  • You can cancel or skip your class any time you like
  • If you find it difficult to find to choose who is the right tutor for you, you can directly chat with them and find out
  • They use your personal information, but all the reasons for the same are also listed on their website
  • CCPA privacy notice is given on their website with all the details


  • The tutors themselves set their prices, and it is not uniform for all the users
  • The website has the authority to suspend or revoke your account at any time and for any reason
  • They don’t have a refund policy as the subscription is non – refundable
  • When you create a tutor ambassador account, the services are not refundable
  • Personal information like credit card, and debit card numbers, email addresses, passwords, etc., are collected
  • Tracking technologies and cookies are used for storing your information

Is Tutorspark legit?


Here comes the part you’ve been waiting for. According to a website – Scamadviser, the trust in the Tutorspark website is high. A valid SSL certificate was also found for their website.

Various rating websites have also listed the reviews, proving the website to be legitimate, and you can use it and start your tutoring. Hence, the website is legit and is not a scam.

Customer Reviews

Positive reviews – 

  • One of the users has given a five-star, saying that working there proved quite beneficial to him, and he found the job fast-paced.
  • Another user has found the website to be decent.
  • A user has reviewed that the working time was convenient for him.

Negative Reviews – 

  • A user has given a review regarding the low pay, with which he was unsatisfied
  • Another user has found the website to be unfair as there was a tutor mentor who gave negative feedback about the tutor



It is very good to hear about a platform that gives dual services, and Tutorspark is one such website that fulfills the dual needs of those looking for tutors and those who want to become one.

If you are looking for a tutor or want to become one, this is the right platform. We hope you found your answer of whether is Tutorspark legit or not, please give us your feedback. 

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