Is Stubhub Legit or NOt ? Check Out Reviews [2023]


Is Stubhub legit or not? Are you finding the easiest way to book tickets? We are here to provide the details to ease all the difficulties one faces in going for this platform. In this article, we will discuss why this platform has caught the eyes of many. 

This has been in operation for twenty-three years now and allows its users to get tickets all around the globe from the comfort of their homes. This has provided a safe place for buyers and sellers to exchange tickets and money.

What is StubHub? 

One of the biggest platforms that have created a marketplace for leading buyers and sellers to sell their tickets for various events. Isn’t that convenient? It has made purchasing tickets hassle-free for their favorite events. It has collected a vast number of events at an affordable price. 


This platform has a good customer care team who assist the buyers in buying tickets, and there is no chance a buyer would likely lose their money. Customer care support makes it easy and responds to queries when needed. 

Buyers are likely to find the best pricing of tickets which is relatively low than the market value, which makes them question whether is Stubhub legit or not. Before going directly to the conclusion, let us discuss this platform’s essentials, advantages and disadvantages. 


  • Company origin: Singapore 
  • Object: Buy and sell tickets with confidence
  • Registered: 23-06-2000
  • Expires on: 23-06-2000
  • Updated on: 28-06-2022
  • Put announcements of events regularly
  • When the price drops, the users get alert
  • Customer care: 1-866-788-2482
  • E-mail address not found 
  • Social media accounts: Twitter, Instagram 

What are the advantages of this website? 

Here are the advantages that will provide an understanding of this platform not let us take a look at it: 

  • This platform has been in the marketplace for 23 years, which says a lot about whether is Stubhub legit or not. 
  • Function over 90+ countries around the globe
  • Fan protected guarantee
  • Customer service is quite responsive regarding every problem that users face. 
  • If the tickets get canceled, users get their money back instantly
  • On-time payment for the event tickets that the sellers sell
  • Accessible through mobile apps and website
  • Price alert sends a notification to users when the price drops
  • More than 140 trusted partners
  • Do everything from the comfort of your home 
  • Loyalty benefits for the buyers who are frequent to the platform
  • Provide personalized recommendations
  • Get a ticket for concerts, theatre and comedy, sports
  • Provide gift cards for friends and family

What is the disadvantage of this website?


Here we have listed a few disadvantages of this website which we would like to highlight. Though few of them, we still need our readers to know the platform thoroughly before venturing into it.

  • No cancellation is allowed after the process 
  • Have to pay a premium price for the seats that you want 
  • It charges 26.8% service fees on average.
  • Refunds are only available if the event gets canceled 
  • The mobile application does not run smooth 

Is Stubhub legit?

As per the information mentioned earlier, this site has lived up to customer trust for a very long time all around the globe. This platform has been providing tickets for various events, including concerts, sports, 

theatres, and many more. All the users must do is create a profile on the official website and search the availability according to their date, location and other preferences that suit their needs. This platform is not just handy to use but also provides nominal pricing that keeps the customer in the loop. As per our experience, there is no other source where customers can get an affordable price like this one. 

What are the user reviews?


We have seen that this platform has received mostly positive reviews, and customers fully trust it for its services. However, there are also a few negative responses that we need our readers to know about, for which we have divided this into two sections to provide a clear picture: 

Positive reviews: 

Users have stated a lot of positive aspects of this platform. One of the customers stated that this site values its customers and prov9many options to support every query that comes to them, which includes a help center, on-call support and on-chat support. The customer service agents make it easy for the users by answering queries within a minute at every step. 

Another customer stated that this platform is so easy to use by all age groups. Anyone can find their tickets easily and quickly from their home. There is no need to go through the hassle of traditional booking and waiting in line. This platform has made everything simple. This says a lot about whether it is Stubhub legit or not.

Negative reviews: 


As per our research, we did not find many negative responses about this platform. However, many users were disheartened by the no-cancellation feature where Stubhub provides no refund. The refund is only given if the events get canceled by the organizer. 

Another condition of the site that customers are not satisfied with is that it charges a 26.8 service fee on average, and to own your favorite place, and the customer has to pay a premium price. 


We have collected every piece of information that is required to understand this platform. To conclude, this site is authentic; users should not think twice before venturing into it. Whether selling tickets or buying, this platform has lived up to the trust of its users. We hope our review is Stubhub legit or not is helpful for you to decide whether it will be the right choice. Please write to us in the comment section below for further queries. 

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